When a Home Embraces Honeycomb Blinds

I’ve been facing a huge dilemma lately: what type of window treatment would be best for my living room design, while offering me a decent dose of privacy, insulation and light control? When your home is designed in a certain style, like a mix of vintage and industrial elements, or maybe completely modern with a dash of vintage, you want a large style element such as your windows to be fully complementing, not disturbing the overall image. You know, like an eye-sore that kills your sight the moment you enter a room? Yes, that kind of disturbing.

So after analysing most of the choices online, I decided to search for my example through the rich offers of honeycomb blinds Australia retailers have. Honeycomb blinds aren’t exactly the most fashionable choice, but they definitely are a package of practicalities that would do so much goodness to a home.honeycomb blinds australia

An envious degree of light control

Most of the honeycomb blinds Australia online retailers offer would be made of this paper-y material which is the main reason why I say they’re not so fashionable. Most people like to see a rich fabric on their windows, or venetians, which are considered the ultimate window treatment. However, while these options do offer light control, honeycomb blinds can offer a complete darkness! The trick is in the material used: it’s sort of a semi-opaque, light-filtering fabric that is designed to be placed on the window in one piece, which is how light penetration is limited.
As such, honeycomb are the perfect choice for media rooms, children’s rooms and for rooms in which sunlight is not preferred.

Privacy at its finest

That’s maybe the biggest problem with other types of window treatments – you can always have a sneak peak through them. As kinky as it may sound, it’s the cruel reality. With honeycomb blinds that problem is completely eliminated because they are just one piece of fabric that doesn’t allow you to sneak through. Perfect for bedrooms and large glass walls that put your home on display.

High insulation: a bliss for autumn and winter

I believe no one likes the winter cold. I also know that one of the biggest issues in these seasons is finding a way to keep the heat and warmth inside the 4 walls of our rooms without losing it through the windows and doors. I found out that honeycomb blinds work miracles for the insulation of a room. Their design with the long open channels trap the air that either comes from the outside or tries to escape. Being highly energy-efficient, honeycomb blinds can increase the R-value (which measures the resistance of the shade to transfer heat) from 3.5, which is the average number of a double glazed window, up to 7.

Having all these facts in mind, it wasn’t hard for me to make the decision. I got over the somehow not-fancy looks and appearance in the name of the features I really needed. After all, I can easily do a few changes in the furniture layout and add a few suitable decorations so that all elements can work together creating wonderful harmony.

Author: Christina Stone

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