How to Choose the Right Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend

Dogs are the most precious things in our lives and their comfort is very important to us. A dog needs to know that it’s loved and cared for and we can show that by making sure that every need they have is fulfilled. We do everything to make our dog happy, from providing the best healthy food to buying fun and useful dog toys.

When it comes to sleeping, more often than not, our dogs sleep with us. They love coming to our bed and falling asleep right next to us. If you both are okay and comfortable with that, there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you wake up in the morning tired cause you couldn’t get a good night’s rest because of your dog, things need to change. Sometimes even your dog wants a place just for himself/herself. Getting a dog bed will enable both of you to get the rest you deserve.

Why You Need to Get a Dog Bed

dog and baby in dog bed

Dogs don’t choose much where they’re going to sleep. If they find it comfortable on the floor, that’s their spot. But if you want them to learn discipline and to have their own safe place where they can go if they don’t feel like playing anymore, getting proper dog bedding can be of much use. Training your dog to sleep in its bed helps you keep it off the furniture as well. From a little puppy, it’ll learn that the sofa or the bed is off-limits and won’t be disappointed every time you tell him/her to climb down from your bed.

Some dogs love improvised beds from blankets and pillows but sometimes their health doesn’t allow them to sleep on such surfaces. They can wake up in pain because they couldn’t find a suitable position. Moreover, some dogs are more sensitive to cold or hot weather and dog beds can help regulate the temperature.

What to Look for in a Dog Bed?

The bed needs to fit your dog. You can measure your doggo and if it’s still a small puppy, think about how much they’re going to grow so you don’t have to buy new beds all the time.

It should be durable to withstand long usage, scratches, and chewing.

It needs to be washable and easy to clean. Dogs can get really messy, and having a bed that you can throw in the washing machine is going to help you a lot. You can opt for water-resistant beds or covers that won’t absorb anything. Most importantly, you should never let your pup sleep in a dirty bed, especially if they have allergies.

Lastly, think of the location where you’re going to put the dog bed. You don’t want anyone to trip on it. You need to find a safe location that’s suitable for the bed and your dog. There are many different types of beds for you to choose from, so make sure you pick high-quality dog bedding that your pet is going to enjoy.

Great Variety of Dog Beds for Different Needs

There are many types of beds for dogs and finding the perfect one can be a challenge. You should consider your dog’s needs and sleeping positions. If you watch your pup while it sleeps, you can notice all the different positions that it gets into and the bed should be large enough for the dog to lie in all natural positions.

Round Beds

Round beds are perfect for puppies or dogs that like to curl up or walk around in a circle before they lie down. If your dog gets anxious or nervous, having a round bed with raised walls and a deep sleeping area in the middle will provide the security that your doggo needs. For extra comfort, choose soft vegan faux fur covers that are washable. They can have a different filling like PET fibre and foam that will retain their form but aren’t hard.

Orthopedic Beds

These beds are designed specifically for dogs with orthopedic problems like arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears, and others. But they aren’t just for dogs with orthopedic problems, they can be beneficial for any senior dog or thin and bony dogs. The orthopedic dog bedding is made from thick foam that supports the dog and adapts to his/her body shape.

Sofa Dog Beds

Dogs love getting up on the sofa, so why not get it its own sofa bed? The open front allows the dog to get on and off easily. This type of bed is probably the most stylish one because it can match your own sofa and complement the interior décor. They come in different materials and sizes, so they’ll fit any dog.


These beds are the most basic ones. They are usually rectangular which makes them suitable for older dogs as well because they can’t curl up anymore. They can be softer like pillows or filled with more padding. They are easy to fit in a crate or kennel to give the dog extra comfort. Choose quality material like wool that’s breathable and will keep your pup warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cocoon Beds

Cocoon or cave-style dog beds are for snuggly dogs and those that enjoy hiding. Some dogs love running and hiding around so having a bed like this will be so much fun. They have covers or hoods that are removable or attached to the bed and they can be collapsible and soft or rigid. The inside can be made of faux wool, fur, or suede, and many other soft materials for a warmer feeling.

Heated Beds and Cooling Beds


A heated dog bed provides extra heating for your pooch. They’re excellent for the colder months and any thin or small dog. They work like heated blankets and the temperature control heats them up to the dog’s body temperature.

If your dog tends to overheat, cooling beds are the right choice. They are made of special materials filled with water or liquid gel that will give your dog the cooling it needs on a hot day.

Raised Beds

These beds are raised off the floor with a metal, wooden, plastic, or wicker frame. They keep more distance between the floor that can be cold or dirty and your dog. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the yard or garden. It may not be the best fit for older dogs or those with health problems because they’ll have to jump on and off the bed.

Author: Christina Stone

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