How to Stay Safe When Riding a Scooter

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of electric scooters. They’re easy to use, gentle on the environment, and a lot of fun. Yet, there are risks associated with them if they are used by someone who isn’t careful. To make sure you and everyone around you stay safe when scooting, here are basic guidelines easy to follow.

Never Leave Without Your Helmet

a man and a woman wearing a helmet and riding a scooter

I get it, helmets can really put a damper on your sense of style. Yet, snug and durable helmets for scooters are one of the best preventative measures you can do to avoid head trauma when riding an electric scooter. And when the experts say helmet, they don’t mean the DIY oversized shield your parents wore.

When it comes to design, protection, and user comfort, modern scooter helmets are light years ahead of their predecessors. For starters, they feature improved ventilation to ensure long-term comfort and breathability, with special attention paid to the areas where sweat tends to accumulate. This added ventilation prevents moisture buildup, while also providing a comfortable and adjustable fit.

Another signature feature of helmets for scooters is the added visibility they provide. Many of them have reflective panels or LED lights to help keep you visible in low-light conditions. They’re quite helpful if you plan on commuting to work in the early morning or late at night.

Finally, their sturdy construction provides an extra layer of protection in the event of a crash. Their cushioned interiors provide maximum shock absorption while keeping your head safe while the adjustable straps guarantee a snug and secure fit.

To figure out whether it’s the right fit for you, measure your head circumference and compare it to the helmet’s sizing chart. Look for something that wraps around your head in a close-fitting fashion. Anything too loose or too tight could compromise your safety.

Make Use of Bike Lanes

Bike lanes, despite what the name would imply (and what some riders might say), are for more than just bikes. Roadways for non-automobile modes of transportation are being built in an increasing number of cities. The overall effect of bike lanes is to make travel safer and less stressful for everyone.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Taking a spin on an electric scooter is enjoyable for many reasons. Not only is riding a scooter a fun and easy way to move around town, but it also helps the environment and brings out your inner child. So, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and neglect the fact that you’re driving on a busy street. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times and put your phone aside until you reach your final destination.

Don’t Use Headphones

It’s understandable that you may think that listening to music while scooting around on a bright day is a great idea. But it’s better to keep your guard up, so take off your headphones and listen to everything going on around you instead. Put away the headphones the next time you ride an e-scooter. It’ll make you less vulnerable to harm, and you could even come to appreciate the beautiful orchestra of ambient noise.

Downhill Travel Requires Extra Caution

a man wearing a helmet and riding a scooter

A little physics lecture is in order. Due to the force of gravity, electric scooters, which are built somewhat more robustly than their analogue counterparts, gain speed more quickly when going downhill. Remember this the next time you’re heading downhill and find yourself moving far more quickly than you expected. Don’t be frightened to use the brakes; they were built into the scooter for just this kind of emergency.

Don’t treat riding an electric scooter like an impromptu trial for the next X Games by swerving in and out of traffic or riding the bumper of the car in front of you. Maintain a firm grip on the wheel and keep in mind that doing responsibly is for the benefit of everyone on the road, not just yourself.

Keep Both Hands on the Handlebars

Engineers had a very practical reason for giving scooters two handles when they first designed them. While riding a two-wheeled electric scooter with one hand may appear hip, it really makes it considerably more difficult to maintain control in the event of an accident. An unexpected pothole or a careless motorist might provide a hazard that is difficult to navigate with one hand on the wheel. For the sake of everyone on the road (including yourself), always utilise both of your bike’s handlebars.

Watch Out for Bad Weather Alerts

Rain can make it hard to see and make it harder for tyres to grip the road. Check the weather before you ride your scooter or moped, and if there’s a chance of rain or storms, you might want to wait. If you have to ride in the rain, follow the five tips given by traffic officials: choose the right gear, ride more smoothly and smartly, be careful at intersections, be aware of slippery surfaces, and find a dry line.

Don’t Leave Your Scooter Unlocked

a man and a woman wearing safety helmets and riding scooters

If you don’t lock up your scooter or moped properly, it could be stolen just like any other bike. It’s also a good idea to use steering locks that make it hard for thieves to move the scooter around. You might also want to buy a lock, like a U-lock or a cable lock, that keeps your scooter locked to something solid. No matter what kind of lock you choose, make sure it doesn’t touch the ground when it’s in place. If it does, thieves may be able to use it as a lever to break it.

Author: Christina Stone

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