How to Get the Perfect Summer Look

The way we dress or more precisely our style is sort of like the wind meaning everyone knows what it is but no one can tell you what it actually looks like. This is not to say that there aren’t those among us that are more fashion savvy and know which colour of shirt goes well with what pair of socks, but to most of us it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, what you wear and what makes you feel comfortable is entirely up to you, however if you want to know just the basics of what an ideal summer outfit could look like, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Let’s start with the clothes for men, and more specifically the shoes. When it comes to formal wear, men are sorely limited in the footwear department, but luckily since we are going for a more casual look that has to both keep you cool and stylish during hot days, there is more choice. You can never go wrong with either a good pair of well kept slip-ons or low top sneakers, but make sure that you avoid thongs (otherwise known as flip-flops) at all costs, not that they’re a bad choice, but rather because they are a bit too casual. Working our way up, a good pair of western shorts can both prove to be a comfortable alternative to actual long jeans while still letting you ignore the heat a bit better. As for the upper body, you’re best options are usually a well fitting polo shirt, or a button up shirt with short or rolled up sleeves.

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Now, when talking about great summer outfits for women all I really have to write is “a dress” and my job is pretty much done. While I phrased it like a joke (or at least I tried), there is honestly no substitute for a dress in the warmer months if you are looking for something that you can wear basically to any occasion and still not get hot. But if you aren’t looking for a dress, then for the upper body, either go for something that’s a bit looser around the waist and arms, or a bit shorter if you prefer a tighter fit. For the lower body, you can also take advantage of the same western shorts as the men can, or even choose to get shorter ones than the men’s, which usually go to the knees. Finally, the shoes. Try to go for something from the open toed variety or if you want to go for boots, make sure they are at least comfortable (and again it’s probably better if you avoid thongs).

Author: Michael Hobbs

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