Home Office: Steps to Revitalising It

If you have a job you love and work from home then you should consider yourself a really lucky person. Okay, I’m aware not everyone would be pleased to work from their home office, basically spend the whole day every day at home, yet there’s a certain sense of joy and many benefits¬†from working in an environment you’re very familiar with.

Still, same as any office, there’s the chance you’d undergo certain health-related risks unless you learn the importance of giving yourself the time to rest by taking a break every hour or so, even if it’s just for five minutes. These breaks are needed to get off the chair and stretch a little.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of ergonomics. It’s no surprise many companies worldwide are stressing the necessity to implement ergonomic furniture like Ergotron standing desk to make the most of your working hours. In case you don’t feel like replacing your desk that you’ve used all this time and love so much, there’s a solution too in the form of sit stand desk accessory.


Usually it’s the choice of ergonomic chair that gets most of the attention because of features like comfort, adjustability, support for the back, neck and arms but when you sit for hours, immersing in your work, you could still end up feeling discomfort which is where the Ergotron standing desk proves to be of help.

While exaggerating with either sitting or standing won’t exactly turn out well for you in the long run, changing between the two every hour or two, let’s say, is going to be much more beneficial in terms of productivity as well along with being great for the well-being, allowing you to exercise as you work too and beat fatigue.

Also, light plays a significant role in productivity so you have to make sure you have plenty of light, the right light that is because some lighting options like incandescent and fluorescent lead to fatigue so it’s best to opt for LEDs.

If possible, it’s advisable to use as much of the natural light as you can; you don’t need many windows to make the office brighter, it’s something that’s easy to be accomplished by adding mirrors to reflect the natural window light or painting the walls and floors in bright colours.

The final touch is to bring the indoors in by filling the space with some of your favourite plants that would do the air well, purifying it. Nature is always the right choice when needing some refreshment!

Author: Christina Stone

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