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Everywhere we go, and in practically every part of our lives now, we’re increasingly reminded of just how important it is to be vigilant about healthy environments. The urgency and desire to develop smarter, more sustainable ways to inhabit the spaces that we work, play, and even occupy in between, has never been greater.

Technology gives us the advantage to do just that, and one company in particular has spent over half a century developing the technology to address some of today’s most pressing environmental issues. All this to ensure the spaces we occupy tomorrow are more habitable than they’ve ever been.

Taking the environmental lead

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Building and maintaining healthy, habitable spaces is the key to sustainability everywhere and Testo Australia with the most advanced air quality equipment is the leader in environmental testing and measuring instruments available. They understand that taking the lead environmentally shouldn’t just be an afterthought which is why Testo makes some of the most sought-after monitoring equipment in the world, including:

  • Air quality, flow, velocity and pressure instrumentation for ventilation and air conditioning testing systems.
  • Pressure, temperature, and flue analysis instrumentation for gas, oil, and solid fuel heating systems.
  • Testing, adjusting, and evacuating instrumentation for refrigeration systems.

They also produce an unparalleled range of specialized current, voltage and resistance measuring equipment like:

  • Multimeters,
  • Clamp meters,
  • Contact and non-contact voltage testers.

From emissions measurement to thermal imaging, Testo builds test equipment for almost any application. That means, regardless of whether you’re an installation manager doing routine facility inspections, or overseeing the commissioning of a major installation, Testo Australia testing equipment stores sell will enable you to take the environmental lead.

Taking the economical lead

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Testo’s success as a manufacturer of advanced measuring and testing equipment is the result of more than just superiorly engineered products that are focused solely on sustainability. They were early to recognize that environmental benefits, along with economic benefits, weren’t mutually exclusive, and that one does impact the other.


  • Developing a high quality, digital, refrigeration manifold gauge will not only detect the tiniest refrigerant leaks in a HVAC system (a hugely fineable environmental hazard), but will also detect the warning signs of a potentially costly compressor repair;


  • Using a separate, digital pressure gauge on that same HVAC system will best determine if it needs evacuation to prevent the possibility of an even costlier, catastrophic failure due to moisture buildup or degradation;


  • Perfecting a multi-fuel, industrial-use flue gas analyzer could not only determine whether your boiler or power source are emitting excessive levels of C02 (another hugely fineable environmental hazard) but can help you pinpoint the root causes of incomplete combustion to help cut down on your energy bills.

The full array of Testo instrument is designed to not only allow trade, commercial and industrial operators to take the environmental lead, but to also take the economical lead. The operational and maintenance costs that are saved by using the best test equipment are a windfall that can be returned to customers and to the company – and ultimately, back to the environment.

Taking the technological lead

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It’s no understatement that Testo measuring and testing equipment are technological leaders but being a leader in technology means concentrating on more than just what’s inside of a piece of equipment. It’s knowing that the equipment’s housing was constructed using the highest quality injection processes from the strongest materials.

Also that the equipment’s ability to interconnect and interface with additional pieces of equipment is effortless. Invariably, a person doesn’t need look far to realize how well Testo leverages all these advantages for a user’s day-to-day benefit.

  • Sturdy design

Testo instruments are designed to be used across a tough and demanding array of environments. Hardy and compact construction underlines their IP-rated resistance to water and damage and low battery-drain performance gives them the duration to work as long as it takes to get the job done.

  • Superior menus and graphic displays

Testo instruments (many equipped with backlighting) feature large, illuminated displays that are optimally designed for usage in poorly illuminated environments. They make for easy measurement taking in all conditions, and simple, straightforward menus ensure navigation is always an intuitive process.

  • Smart app integration with Bluetooth

For Bluetooth capable instruments, integration with Testo’s Smart app is also available, allowing operators to not only use larger screens for reading measurements from a smartphone or laptop, but to generate reports, tables and a host of other documents taken directly from the instrument.

The conclusion

At the end of the day, when it comes to measuring and testing equipment, Testo has set itself apart from the rest of the field by developing instruments that look well beyond the present. That is, after all, precisely what sustainability’s about. Regardless of your specialty, you can rest assured that Testo Australia has an instrument to help you achieve your objective.

And in doing so, helping to ensure the environment is getting the fullest benefit from it, as well. Reach out an authorized Testo retailer today to find out what they can do to get your business on the right track to sustainability.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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