A Guide to OEM Switch Control Replacements for Your Vehicle

Let’s be honest: when it comes to installing auxiliary lights on caravans and utes, there are almost as many anecdotes about what’s allowed under Australian Design Rule 13’s (ADR) guidance on lights and lighting, as there are actual rules themselves.

One thing’s for sure: the evolving technology behind the shapes and designs of modern LED, HID, and even ultra-bright halogen lights have given vehicle owners more choices than ever when it comes to the lamps and lights they’re able to bolt on. But it’s not just lighting, though. The sheer number of electrical accessories that can be added to modern vehicles, especially for RVing and off-roading, has grown dramatically.

This increase in auxiliaries and accessories also means that there’s a greater demand for OEM-style switches. They’ve had to evolve right along with the technology too; and fortunately, they haven’t missed a step in keeping up with driver demands.

Sleek Automotive Switch Controls

 Automotive Switch Controls
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Believe it or not, you don’t have to look very far to see just how much light switches, and automotive switch controls in general, have evolved. Old school generic, flip- and paddle-type switches don’t have the modularity, or even the functionality anymore to make it in a modern ute or caravan cockpit. Aesthetics matter just as much as reliability, which is why high-quality, push-button style OEM fog light switch controls are so important for maintaining the stock look of your cockpit while still meeting all your custom lighting and powered accessory needs.

Sleek, modern switch controls are designed to fit factory dashboards and instrument consoles, and come in a range of styles, including:

  • Push button types. Switches that are latched into position when depressed to connect or disconnect a circuit.
  • Rocker types. Switches that seesaw up and down to connect or disconnect a circuit.
  • Passthrough types. Switches that allow a circuit or connection to flow freely from one side to the other.

These relay-dependent switches represent a new generation of accessory controllers that can either fit standardized dimensions or are vehicle-specific. They’re direct replacements for factory OEM switches, so there’s no cutting or drilling needed to install them. And when it comes to functionality, these positive or negative switched controls consist of standard features like:

  • Single or dual independently switched inputs;
  • A matte black finish with LED illumination in a range of colours; and,
  • Harness wiring to integrate the switch into the circuit.

For caravan and off road vehicle owners in particular, these OEM style switches are ideal for operating all of their 12V auxiliary driving lights, fog lights, and even trailer lighting systems from a centralized location. That way, they’re conveniently positioned, easily reachable, and perfectly accessible for wiring in accordance with ADR13 standards.

The best part, however, is that there are OEM-styled switch controls available for more than just lights. Any switch-activated accessory you have can be used with one of these switches, making them suitable for a range of functions that you may not have even considered.

Custom Lighting With Switch Controls

lighting custom switches
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From endless combinations of forward-facing lights, to remote controlled search lights, there’s no shortage of automotive illumination options on the market. That’s why aside from your standard driving lights, you can get an OEM style switch controller for almost any lighting accessory that you can install on your ute, camper, or caravan, including:

  • Strobe beacons.
  • Separate reversing light circuits.
  • LED and HID light bars;
  • Working and utility lights; and,
  • Hunting and sporting lights.

Even if you want to replace a manufacturer’s accessory switches with more contemporary assemblies, high-quality aftermarket equivalents are easy swap-outs for:

  • Aircon switches.
  • Automatic mirror switches.
  • Traction control switches.
  • Downhill descent switches; and,
  • Momentary function switches up to 16A.

Suffice it to say, you can feel confident that there’s a correctly sized and power rated OEM style switch kit to accommodate any switch controllable function that you have in your vehicle. In fact, there are even switches available that can take your built-in functionality to a whole new level of technical ability.

Switch Controls for Other Accessories

Automotive Switch Controls for Other Accessories
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In an era when most new vehicles are now capable of automatically activating and deactivating their head lamps simply by detecting changes in ambient light, it only makes sense to have switchable controls that are just as forward thinking. Connectivity is the key; and not surprisingly, there are OEM switches available that not only allow vehicle owners to get connected, but to connect directly to their vehicle as well.

For specialized switch control needs, there are:

  • RJ45 passthrough switches to activate radios, microphones, cameras, and remote controls.
  • Single and dual outlet USB charging switches.
  • Compressor startup switches and,
  • Custom universal rocker switches for any 20A function.

With a full array of switches to choose from, your auxiliary and accessory switch controls can look just as good, if not better, than the factory’s installation. And to make it possible, the range of stock vehicle dashboards and consoles that these aftermarket switches are designed to fit is just as wide as the selection of switches themselves.

OEM Controls for Your Vehicle

It’s understandable why the appeal for OEM style switch systems stems from their modularity. High quality aftermarket switches that snap directly into manufacturer accessory bezels make for clean, professional looking installations; and if you happen to own one of these models, then you can be excited by just how many different types of lighting and accessory switches there are for you to choose from.

  • Toyota Landcruisers, Hiluxes, RAV4s, Prados, and Highlanders.
  • Ford Rangers, along with their Mazda BT50 and Isuzu D-Max equivalents.
  • Holden Colorados and Trailblazers.
  • Mitsubishi Tritons, Pajeros, and Outlanders and,
  • Nissan Navaras, and Patrols.

And if your dashboard or console don’t have enough space to accommodate all of your switches, you can also purchase individual 4-switch fascias. With these, you can group and locate all your switches into a central location that’s both safe and accessible, making them the perfect modular solution for camper trailer, caravan, and RV owners.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, if you’ve installed auxiliary lighting or other accessories on your vehicle, standardizing your switch controls not only looks good, but it allows you to keep everything, including your circuitry organized. And make no mistake: if you have to trace, troubleshoot, or even rewiring a lighting circuit to stay ADR13 compliant, it’s going to be easier when everything’s located in one place.

You’ll be satisfied with what the new style of rocker and push button-type OEM fog light switch controls can do for you. There’s one for any type of circuit you’re likely to have on your vehicle or trailer; and they’ll give you the flexibility to configure all of your accessories precisely where you want them, the way you want them.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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