Dog Travel Accessories: Enjoy a Stress-Free and Fun Trip

It’s essential to pack the right dog travel equipment to keep man’s best friend happy on excursions to far-off cities and strenuous hiking trails alike. Whether your idea of fun is relaxing in the sun at a trendy Airbnb or bringing your pooch camping, dogs experience cold, need water, and have first aid situations much like the rest of us.

Here’s what travel experts suggest packing in a bag or carry-on to make travelling with a dog simpler and safer while satisfying your wanderlust alongside a canine friend.

What Should I Put in My Dog’s Travel Bag?

dog travel bag


For your adorable dog to enjoy an unforgettable, stress-free vacation by your side, it’s crucial to pick the right dog travel accessories for every type of journey. That’s why instead of putting all the items in the same bucket, we’ve organised and divided them into three categories for the various stages of the adventure. So grab a hot cup of coffee or a glass of crisp wine, put your adorable doggo on your lap, and let’s explore the world of canine travel items together to discover the items that will work best for you and your pet.

Air Travel Dog Accessories

Specifically created for use during air travel, these pet supplies address pre-flight, in-cabin, and post-flight concerns to keep your beloved friend secure and comfortable.

Airline-Approved Cabin Pet Carrier

If it’s allowed for your pet to fly in the aeroplane’s cabin, you’ll need a well-made carrier that’s both portable and comfortable. You can select a spring-wire frame style to keep your pet safe and happy while allowing it to store beneath aeroplane seats. Mesh windows also offer lots of airflow. A dog futon, sold separately, will give your pet a comfy base to relax, providing a dog bed on the go. Before taking off, make sure to confirm your carrier with the airline.

Cargo Hold Pet Carrier

If your pet has to travel in a cargo hold, it must do so in a stress-free, cosy, and well-ventilated carrier. If you already have a collapsible dog crate, you don’t need to buy anything else, as most options are easy to fold down and flat-pack for storage or travelling.

If you don’t own a crate, opt for a versatile option that you can use in many situations, such as an indoor calming retreat so that your pet can come and go as they like. Go for a durable double-coated rust-resistant wire with a 10-year warranty to make the most of it. We recommend using a soft, supportive or moisture-absorbent mat for the crate and a crate cover to convert it into a cosy, darkened indoor retreat, much needed for the aeroplane cargo hold. Don’t forget to include some of your dog’s favourite toys for an extra feeling of security.

Anxiety Jacket

dog anxiety jacket


Even the most composed human beings can become highly anxious when travelling in the air. The strange surroundings and cramped conditions may cause your beloved dog even more stress.

Millions of canines have benefited from anxiety jackets by remaining calm under challenging circumstances. Their innovative design works by a light but constant pressure on your dog’s midsection, back, and stomach. There is no need for training or drugs. You simply fasten the jacket and let it handle the rest.

Leash Harness

Security checks are never enjoyable, not for humans or pets. Your pet will breeze through security checks with no issues if you choose a leash harness that has a comfortable, metal-free design.

Simply step your dog into the harness. You then fasten it around your dog’s back from there. The vest is kept in place by a snap-buckle fastening that is very simple to take off. The leash and harness make it very simple to pass through the airport and fly in the cabin with your pet.

Crate Insert Pads

Keeping your dog or cat dry and comfortable should be a top priority, especially on longer journeys. You can opt for multiple-size insert pads from a trusted brand, known as very absorbent, quick-drying material pad material to line your carrier, keeping your doggo dry and stress-free for the flight.

Road Pet Travel Accessories

The dog travel gear made for road trips consists of items made to keep your pet secure while yet enabling comfort and mobility.

Car Seat Protector Cover

car seat protector cover


We know how much dogs adore the great outdoors and the elements. However, the last thing you want is for them to drag mud in the car after a fun-filled day at the beach, lake, or forest.

That’s why you need a super-duper hammock-style cover designed to fit most medium/large-sized cars/SUVs, as it can attach securely to the front and rear seats, ensuring pets stay securely on the back seat.

Another handy feature is a zip that lets you cover the whole back seat or only half if you have other passengers. Opt for reinforced seat belt holes and concealed zips for extra protection. When you get home, simply pop it in the washing machine for the next road trip.

Automobile Zip Line

A vehicle zip line is a product that is definitely worth paying closer attention to if you’re concerned about keeping your dog secure in the back of the car while yet providing them with the flexibility to walk around.

The two rear seatbelts and two fixed points on the underside of the car’s roof are where its zip line is attached. The next step is to simply strap your dog into the harness and fasten it to the zip line.

A zip line gives your dog the freedom to explore while still being safely restrained while you’re driving. Additionally, knowing that your dog is safe and secure in the back of the car frees you to concentrate on the road in front of you.

Food and Drink Dog Travel Accessories

portable dog water bottle


A portable dog water bottle is vital to keep your beloved pooch hydrated. You want water available at all times, especially for outside activities. Select a design that’s easy to use and light enough for you to carry about at all times.

Another handy item is a multipurpose travel food bowl with a leash that you can use anytime. If you don’t need an extra leash, go for a non-spill travel bowl you can use on the go.

Author: Christina Stone

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