Diploma in Nursing: Compassionate Extroverts Assemble!

diploma-in-nursing If you are an open person that feels relatively safe and confident in many situations and when in the company of different types of people, you may not even be aware how many people (read introverts) envy you. Although I believe that each and every one of us is an embodiment of both extremes, the more I spend time analyzing people I interact with, the more I realize there really is this clear-cut division. Well, most of the time at least. And mind you, there is a category for that gray area too and the world likes to call them ambiverts.

If there’s one job for which the ability to freely and openly communicate with all kinds of people is unofficially made mandatory, that would be nursing. The unique mental capability to stay calm under pressure and look for ways to solve a problem instead of looking for a safe place to hide, away from people and all the trouble that comes with them is a truly heroic trait. What’s more, 90% of the time, extrovert people also turn out to be great humanitarians, because they spend a lot of time around people and thus they grow into great listeners, analyzers, orators and highly empathic and energetic beings. Their ability to tune into other people’s emotions and then easily free themselves from the accumulated energy and focus on something else is exactly what makes them practical and efficient caretakers.courses

I firmly believe that if everyone was to work precisely what they are naturally equipped for, compassionate people that have communication skills are those who should get a diploma in nursing. If you haven’t decided a career for yourself, but you do consider yourself to embody the aforementioned characteristics, by completing a traditional or online course, you can get a diploma in nursing and then get some practice and start paving the way for a wonderful and fulfilling career. They are many courses that offer the perfect combo of going through the theoretical material online and then, of course, showing up in person for the practical part.

This is a noble vocation, but it also comes with a certain warning – working around people with a fragile state of mind due to their physical issues might be stressful. However, if you truly care about helping others, you’ll be able to find the right balance and maintain your own peace while always being ready to serve others.


Author: Christina Stone

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