Debunking 3 Animal Quarantine Myths

If you’re planning to go on a vacation overseas this upcoming summer, and you want to bring your pet with you, then it’s never too early to properly prepare all his documents to ensure he spends as little time in animal quarantine as possible. A lot of pet owners don’t put enough thought into this, and end up being stressed about their pets, because they find out something didn’t go quite as planned.

Animal Quarantine

To avoid this, it’s best you contact a pet traveling agency that deals with these issues, and let them figure out whether your pet will spend any time in animal quarantine or not. They know all the rules and regulations in most (if not all) countries around the world, and they typically have a network of associates that can ensure your pet gets all the permits, customs clearances, quarantine clearances, boarding and stay accommodation, and even arrange delivery to your traveling location.

Most people feel better when they leave their pets at the hands of professionals, while others still have their doubts, because of all the horror stories they’ve heard from someone else. There are three common myths when it comes to pet travel, and I’ll try to debunk them, to help make you feel at ease.

Quarantine = Pet Jail

First and foremost, not every country will quarantine your beloved one. Typically, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are few of the countries that may put your pet in quarantine for a couple of days, but most of America, Europe and Asia won’t. Moreover, quarantine isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, these facilities are government run and staffed by pet loves and professionals. They’ll typically include outdoorsy spaces for your pet to run, exercise and get some fresh air from.

Avoiding Quarantine

No amount of money or paperwork can help you avoid quarantine, if quarantine is indeed mandatory in a certain country. So it’s better to fully prepare your paperwork in order to have your pet kept the least amount of time possible. Your pet won’t get special treatment, and they won’t be “changed” in any way after they leave. In fact, they may only meet a couple of new friends that they’ll miss after their leave.

Pet’s Can’t Get Their Own Medicine or Food

While every quarantine facility has their own unique rules and regulations, most will allow you to visit your pet on daily basis, and supply them with the necessary medicine and special food. However, if that’s not the case, then with some extra paperwork and help from a pet travel agency, the staff at the quarantine facility will give your pet the necessary medicine, and specific type of food if your pet is allergic or can’t handle some type of food.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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