Daring Design: How to Make a Statement with Wall Murals

Are you tired of living in a space that feels too safe and unoriginal? Well, you might want to consider spicing it up with a gorgeous wall mural. Decorative wall murals can be an affordable way to add a dramatic statement to any room. Plus, they don’t take up any space, block the flow of traffic or obstruct electrical outlets.

Murals are also easy to install and remove which makes them a convenient solution should you ever change your mind and want to get back to the boring reality. And since they don’t leave any damage behind on the wall, they are also a viable option if you’re renting a place temporarily. And once you install your mural, you don’t even have to dust it like you would with hanging art.

But despite the fact that murals are low-maintenance, affordable and easy to install, many people are still cautious about trying them out as they are massive and instantly noticeable. However, when you have the right vision and choose the right mural for it, it can make a beautiful impact without being overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to pick wall murals that can make the right statement depending on the effect you want to achieve.


Murals That Optically Enlarge a Room

Wall murals for your home can work really well in small and tight rooms and confined spaces that lack light. By choosing a mural in a soft, light colour, you can create a deceptive effect that the room is bigger than it actually is. Pastels are some of the best colours when it comes to opening up the space and bringing more light to it. On the other hand, if the room is small, avoid dark and muted colours or murals with too many details as they can have the opposite effect.

Murals with stripes are another trick you can use to make a space appear larger than it is. After all, that’s why so many of us don’t like wearing pants with stripes. While stripes do have an enlarging effect, be careful that they correspond with your existing design. For instance, if the room is decorated in a vintage fashion, murals with stripes will clash with it. But if it’s a contemporary or mid-century room we’re talking about, then stripped murals can perfectly fit in.

Another common mural theme that can open up the space is nature. If you’re a nature lover, murals depicting picturesque scenes, like an open field or a snow-covered mountain, can create the illusion that your room has an open view. So obviously, these kinds of murals can have a positive effect on rooms that lack windows or overlook a busy street or a building.


Children’s Bedroom Murals That Inspire Creativity

A wall mural is an excellent way to add some magic to a kid’s bedroom. You can choose something whimsical that brings the space to life and inspires creativity. Common themes for children’s bedrooms include jungle leaves, the solar system, cute animals, their favourite cartoon characters, and any theme in general that features an abundance of lively colours. If your child is grown enough to have his/her own interests, make sure to pick a mural theme that speaks to them.

Bedroom Murals That Have a Soothing Effect

Besides making a statement, murals can also set the tone for a room. And this can be very useful in the bedroom. Picking a mural that has soothing colours  or depicts a relaxing scene can put in you in the right mood for bed. A great choice for a bedroom mural is a simple colour gradient. Soft colours that blend subtly into each other evoke a sense of tranquillity. Plus, gradient murals are ideal for everyone that’s not into the wallpaper effect. A great combination is a gradient of white and blue or white and baby pink as it gives you the feeling as though you’re gliding through the clouds. Isn’t this quite a sight to see first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed. Or, you can get a mural that literally depicts clouds. Just think about the scenes that work most soothing on you, and start from there.


Murals That Speak to You

One common design element in modern spaces is the implementation of murals with inspiring quotes. If you want to go that road, you may want to proceed with caution. While this may seem like a unique addition to your home, I highly suggest that you avoid going for cliched phrases, like for instance “Live, Laugh, Love” or similar variations.

If you’re going for a quote, pick one that speaks to you on a personal level. For instance, it can be a line from your favourite movie or song, or a quote from a role model. If the mural relates to you and your interests, then it will have much more of an impact.

Words on a clear background work well in minimalist spaces. But you can also go for a mural that combines words with imagery. Quotes that are supported by the right graphic can add more flair and accentuate the meaning even more.

General Advice

Whatever type of wall mural art you go for, make sure that it complements the space it’s going to adorn. With that being said, don’t pick a mural with colours that clash with the existing colour palette of the furniture, rugs and other details in the room. The important thing here is to make a tasteful impact without going overboard.

Author: Christina Stone

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