Cricket Batting Pads Buying Guide

Are you looking for new cricket pads but you’re unsure which ones are best for you? Or perhaps you’re a newcomer to the field trying to find the right equipment to add to your cricket gear?

Since the game’s beginning, injuries have always been a part of cricket, and batsmen are particularly at risk of suffering them. Even though he was wearing a cricket helmet, Phillip Hughes tragically died when a ball from Sean Abbot struck the back of his skull. Imagine what would have happened to the batsmen’s legs if there had been no batting leg protection when they were hit by a leather ball moving at 140 kilometres per hour.

In the best case scenario, it would have resulted in a hairline fracture, and in the worst scenario, it would have crushed the bone. Therefore, it’s appropriate to argue that protective gear is equally as important as other pieces of cricket equipment, such as a cricket bat. You understand the necessity of wearing pads, and finding your proper fit is equally crucial.

Batting Pads

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The suitable cricket batting pads are extremely important for any amateur or professional batsman in charge of hitting the ball, as the name implies. Additionally known as batting leg guards, they differ according to size, build material, and other factors.

The following size ranges are typical for the batting leg guards:

  1. Adults
  2. Youth
  3. Kids

Wicket Keeping Pads

The wicketkeepers use these kinds of cricket pads for maintaining the wickets. Leg guards for wicketkeeping are available in several sizes, just like the handy batting pads. In addition to the aforementioned categories, the pads differ depending on the user’s chosen hand. For instance, the bat pads used by a left-handed batsman and a right-handed batsman will differ. Despite this, ambidextrous pads are also offered on the market.

Let’s now discuss some other factors you should think about before and during the purchase of your cricket batting pads.

Take Your Budget into Account

There is no getting around the fact that cricket equipment may be rather expensive. Therefore, it’s essential to set your budget in advance and stick to it. You won’t wind up overspending thanks to it. Additionally, it will cut down on the number of possibilities, sparing you the headache that comes with having too many options.

It is important to note that cricket pads are readily available on the market in different price ranges. Additionally, some less expensive pads will provide you with the same level of protection as more expensive pads.

The latter offers a few extra features, though. The premium pads are constructed from top-notch components. These kinds of pads include various paddings and soft foam. In any case, cricket pads that will shield you from bruises are available in every price range.

Pick the Right Size

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Finding the appropriate size is crucial because there are many different sizes available for the pads. If they’re too small, they will make it difficult for you to run at all. However, if they’re too large, you won’t be able to walk around easily.

You should absolutely try on a new pair of pads before purchasing them so that you can determine whether or not they fit properly. Everything will be fine if the pad rests on top of your foot and the knee roll crosses your knee. If that’s not the case, you must try different sizes.

You should measure the space between your ankle and knee if you plan to purchase pads online. You can choose a new pair of shoes online based on that reading. If you already possess a pair, you will already be aware of your size and may choose new shoes accordingly.

Pay Attention to Design and Material

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Another element to take into account when purchasing leg guards is the material because it affects their durability. At first, there were leather pads, but they weren’t that sturdy and were also quite expensive. The most popular substitute for leather pads today is plastic and pads manufactured from these materials are strong and lightweight.

In terms of design, seven canes can be found in the vertical face of traditional cricket hitting pads. Leg guards used for batting traditionally offer excellent defence against cricket ball contact. Cotton is used to fill batting leg guards, giving the batting pad a cushioning effect. These pads generally weigh a lot because of the cane inserts.

There are no canes in the vertical face of lightweight batting pads. Foam is used to fill batting pads that are lightweight. Compared to conventional designs, these are much more lightweight. In the present day, batting leg guards with three or four canes on the vertical portion of the face are also available. They combine elements of both conventional and lightweight batting leg guards.

Choose your Brand

The following step is choosing a brand. There are numerous brands for anything you need in terms of cricket equipment. Each reputable brand provides a wide selection of solutions for pads in every price range that can mislead you. Consequently, it is preferable to pick a brand you enjoy and explore the possibilities accessible within your price range. Leg guards come in a variety of popular brands, including SS, Moonwalker, GM, Morrant, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Gray Nicolls, and more.

Author: Christina Stone

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