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Advancements in the world of warehouses and product handling, in general, has continued to improve constantly over the years. In order to provide a better user experience and make working with them more comfortable, many designs have been created that minimize effort and make things simpler to organize and store. It’s already well established that a comfortable employee is a productive employee, which is what trolley manufacturers have in mind when designing them.

Cage Trolleys

What Are Roll Cage Containers

Roll cages are typically made from intertwined strings of wire, and at the bottom they have wheels for easy manoeuvring which is where their name comes from. These types of roll cages can be found in many different shapes and sizes made to accommodate different sizes of products. Also, their wheels are designed to produce a specially smooth ride in order not to damage any sensitive products. As for their structure, it also can vary depending on the products used, but they are always unclosed and are typically used for storage.

What Are They Used For

These types of roll containers are most often used in warehouses and generally anywhere where the transportation, organization and storage of products is needed. Roll cage trolleys have multiple shelves or sectors in order to organize different products. Also, some models have lockable shelves in order to provide access to certain shelves for certain employees and make sure that no unauthorized people use it. These types of trolleys are highly multifunctional and can serve many purposes.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits you can expect from these trolleys are improved organization, higher product security and overall improvement in the pace of your business. Besides their functional advantages, you can also expect better productivity from your employees. Like I’ve mentioned before – a happy employee is a productive employee and implementing a better and easier way for them to do their job will motivate them to do an even better job.

The Right Size

Finding the right size of trolley shouldn’t be too difficult – all you need to consider is the size of the largest and the smallest products that you are going to work with. This will give you an idea of how big your cage trolleys should be and the type of function they should be designed for. What I mean by design is the amount of shelves the trolley has and how they are grouped together. The positioning of the shelves will play a big role in the speed at which your employees will be using them. If the size and the positioning of the shelves or sectors (depending on the type) is right – then your employees will be able to use them more effectively and thus be more productive.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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