Camping Adventures: Think of the Basics, and Take to the Road

Forget about the world for a while, and go make lifelong memories in the grand outdoors, bonding with loved ones. Yes, camping is calling out for you. When you live in Australia, it’s always the right time to take to the road, simply because camping is ingrained in our genes; though everything changes, our love for camping doesn’t – we have a timeless affair with camping!

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, whether you prefer more comfort and staying in touch with civilisation, or are seeking a sort of Bear Grylls backpacking experience, there’s the right camping style for everyone’s taste. Just don’t forget to get down to the nitty gritty of packing the adequate camping gear.


Depending on how you camp, this can be starting from the tent with a sleeping bag, dome swag with mattress, or awnings for 4×4, or campervan which leads us to the important point: decide on your camping style, and consider the sleeping, and resting essentials.

If you have a campervan, you have the chance to change the mattress to your liking. Don’t forget, camping gear also includes furniture, in the likes of foldable chairs and table sets, with much-needed armrests and cup-holders. It’s all about comfort and convenience.

In terms of this, there are different aspects to look into when buying camping gear, such as weight, and materials it’s made of, whether it’s compact enough to pack up, and whether it provides enough shelter from the weather conditions (think tent and awnings).

It’s the outdoors, and it gets dark – duh. Having this in mind, it’s never too much to pile up on lighting sources, be that lanterns, torches, or headlamps. Now that LEDs have become popular, and affordable, you can easily find the lighting products that most suit you, resting assured you’d get adequate light output, without worrying about the batteries.

It’s needless to say you have to have some means to find your way around, and while GPS devices are more than acceptable, they’re not always easy to decipher, so make sure you carry paper maps with you, and look well into them prior to taking to the road.

Camping doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. You can still try out new healthy recipes outdoors; for this, it’s important to find the reliable camping cookbooks, and cookware – from campstoves, or Dutch ovens, to pans, pots, and your favourite coffee mug.

In relation, you are advised to think of how you’d freeze specific products. If you can carry more load, you can carry a mini freezer, if not, you can pile up on food that doesn’t go stale that quickly, and use frozen vegetables to keep other ingredients cold.

As for clothing, warm and dry for winter, and lightweight and breathable for summer camping adventures. Good boots are a must regardless of the season, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses, hate, and of course, bug repellents. Last but not least, two essential kits: tools, and first aid, because you never know when someone might be in need of medications, or bandages, and getting out of sticky mud situation.

Author: Christina Stone

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