The Effects of Poppers & How to Get Your Hands on Them

When it comes to recreation, there are many discoveries designed to stimulate the body and mind of humans. There are natural ones, and then there are the prohibited ones. Despite the fact that the majority of recreational drugs remain illegal and prohibited, most people still do them. One of these illegal drugs designed for recreational purposes, commonly used to improve sex and provide that high feeling, are poppers.

Since they’re a drug with low adverse effects on people and are not addictive, even though they are prohibited, they’re relatively easy to find online. They come in the form of an inhaler and first started out as being only popular among the gay community. However, straight people now use them more and more frequently as the effects are equal for both men and women.


Using poppers is pretty straightforward – you simply inhale the substance in the small bottle to get the desired effect. Bottles are covered by caps and you just take the cap off and inhale the vapor that comes out the bottle. There are some poppers that come with a sprayer so you can easily spray them under the tongue to get the effect immediately, thanks to the presence of the nitrite. The effects don’t last more than a few minutes and aren’t harmful to your health.

Since the effects are immediate, poppers are also known as rush popper. Moreover, there is a popular brand of poppers called Rush Popper, which is one of the best selling and most popular brands on the market worldwide. You can easily find them online in small bottles as sprays and some in the form of herbal poppers. However, you have to be wary when shopping online as there are sometimes fake manufacturers who stray away from the original, safe formula of poppers, so before everything, ensure you’re shopping from an authentic source.

Let’s discuss the effects. Poppers are known to loosen up the muscles all over the body, including the vagina and the anus. They relax the entire body as a matter of fact, which causes faster blood flow and heart rate. This in turn makes the person hyper, more excited, increases their libido and they feel a sensation of heat. Some other effects can include euphoria, a head rush and a feeling of high.

Poppers are most often used before sex, just to get people going. Men get an instant erection after inhaling, and women’s muscles are extremely relaxed, making anal sex easier and more enjoyable. Both parties agree that it can make sex go from “meh” to “wow” in an instant. Besides for sex, poppers are commonly used at parties, bars and clubs. Some clubs and bars leave bottles of poppers open so that they can get more guests and provide an increased feeling of relaxation and fun.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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