Boy vs. Girl: Tips to Influence Your Baby’s Gender

Even though most parents just wish for a healthy baby, there are many social, cultural and other factors that can drive the desire for a child of a particular sex. And thanks to advances in fertility treatments, choosing the sex of your baby is technically possible today. However, aside from these deliberate medical techniques, the odds of delivering a girl versus a boy are just luck of the draw. Still, there may be a few factors that can influence whether you end up with an XY or an XX as the fetus develops in the womb. Whether it’s eating certain foods or the timing of intercourse, there are many theories on how you can influence whether you will have a baby boy or baby girl. So, if your dream of having a baby of a particular gender, here are some tips that may improve your chances.


A healthy, balanced diet is recommended throughout all life stages, especially in pregnancy. Studies have shown that certain foods might increase your chances of conceiving a baby of a particular gender. Foods like spinach, milk, nuts and yogurt which are higher in calcium and magnesium can increase your chances of having a baby girl. You could also try eating more acidic foods (blueberries) and foods that are low in potassium and sodium.

If you want a baby boy, eating foods rich in potassium and sodium (bananas, meat, fish, white bread) can increase your chances. You could also eat more foods that are low in calcium and magnesium and are more alkaline (carrots and orange juice). Another thing you could do if you want a boy is to simply eat more and never skip breakfast. A study has shown that women with the highest calorie intake, were more likely to have a baby boy.

Timing of Intercourse

If you’re trying to get pregnant, you’re probably timing intercourse to take advantage of your most fertile days. But, did you know that timing intercourse can also influence your baby’s gender? Studies have shown that if you have intercourse close to when you’re ovulating or immediately after ovulation, you’re more likely to conceive a baby boy. If you want a girl, then you should have intercourse two to four days before ovulation, because female sperm is slower while male sperm is faster to reach the egg.

Intercourse Positions

Now when you’ve already decided on the timing of intercourse, why not think about the position too? Some people believe that sexual positions can have a huge impact on the gender of the baby.
Shallow penetration positions (missionary) will put sperm closer to the entrance of the vagina, where the acidic environment favors female sperm. Deeper penetration positions (standing up, doggy style) will put sperm close to the cervix, giving the fast male sperm a head start in the egg race. However, there’s no scientific evidence that intercourse positions have any impact on the gender of your baby, so just choose whichever of those you are comfortable with.

Old Wives’ Tales


For a baby girl:

  • You should eat a lot of chocolate and sweets.
  • Tie a pink ribbon on a wooden spoon and sleep with the spoon under your bed.
  • Initiate intercourse that ideally should be under a full moon, during the afternoon and on the even days of the month.

For a baby boy:

  • Sleep to the left of your partner.
  • Your partner should drink coffee at least 30 minutes before intercourse to increase the speed of male sperm.
  • You should have intercourse under a quarter moon, at night and only at the odd days of the month.

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Author: Christina Stone

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