Bedroom Spark: Wear Lingerie or Not?

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated and desired, am I right? Love is the greatest feeling a person can have in a relationship but sometimes a woman just wants to be wanted.

Luckily, men are visual creatures and it wouldn’t take you long to spark your man’s interest to have some fun in the bedroom when you’ve got the help of lingerie, like the versatile womens teddy lingerie.

Even if you’re not a fan of lingerie, since we all have different tastes, you should include some pieces in your closet, starting from something delicate and elegant, like black mesh and lace.

Having lingerie doesn’t mean you have to wear it every day, but a woman should have at least some carefully selected womens teddy lingerie pieces to count on for the special playful moments in her life.

Besides, not every lingerie is the same, there are those made from comfortable fabrics that you wouldn’t feel the need to take them off the minute you put them on.

Truth is as soon as you put lingerie on, it’s bound to make you feel more confident in yourself, enhancing your femininity and seducing powers, and the more you wear it, the better it gets; just watch your man’s excitement and you’ll know it!

Great news is you don’t even have to spend a fortune on it, because men can’t tell the difference whether you’re wearing some luxurious brand or not, nor do they care, all they care about is feasting their eyes on your body in it.

It’s also the component that can help you get the courage to express your sexuality more and better, get bold with getting to know your fantasies, what turns you on and what doesn’t, and then open up to your man, sharing what you’d like to spice up your relationship with, what you want more of and what you want less of.

Elegant lingerie is just the beginning that could take you to cheeky pieces like wet look hooded teddy then lead you to making up your collection of fetish lingerie, or even costumes that would bring some excitement into your sex life enabling you two to have some role acting.

So in the end, like it or not, lingerie is both about wearing it for your partner and for yourself, as it brings about all these benefits that would make your fun in the bedroom so much better.

Author: Christina Stone

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