Things to Consider when Choosing Packaging Tape

When you need to prepare products for shipment, there are many things to consider, from arranging transportation to choosing sturdy boxes and other packaging options. Since the entire process can be overwhelming, many businesses often fail to pay proper attention to details such as the packaging tape. However, the importance of packaging tape shouldn’t be overlooked as this element is crucial to keeping the entire package securely together. So, if you’re in the packaging business, make sure to choose the right packaging tape by considering the following factors.

Packaging Tape

The Substrate

First of all, you want your packaging tape to securely stick to the surface of what you’re sealing. With that being said, each substrate can affect the performance of the packaging tape differently. In the case of carton boxes, there are many types available from corrugated to recycled, printed, or waxed. What’s more, products can also be packaged in containers made of plastic, wood, or even in some cases, metal. If you want to be able to secure a wide range of packages, go for a tape that can adhere to a wider range of substrates. The 3m packaging tapes made of acrylic foam are often a great choice as they can create an extraordinarily strong bond with many materials such as coated and corrugated carton, metal, wood, composites, plastics and more.

Shipping Environment

It’s important to choose a packaging tape that is suitable for the environment in which the package is being shipped. With that being said, consider factors such as temperature and humidity. Neglecting these factors can lead to boxes unsealing and product damage. So, for instance, while rubber tape is one of the most cost-effective adhesives, it doesn’t perform well in hot and cold environments, especially if temperatures reach below the freezing point. So, if you’re shipping frozen goods or goods that will be exposed to heat during transportation, it’s recommended to choose either butyl or acrylic tape which can maintain a stronger bond in environments with extreme temperature and high humidity levels.


Boxes during transport can be subjected to rough handling, which means you need to select a tape that’s able to withstand all the stress. Often, people think that choosing a thicker tape means better resistance. However, that’s not always the case. What’s more, a thicker tape can be an unattractive option when shipping products to customers. With that being said, it’s best to go for a thinner, lighter tape that’s almost invisible and keeps the surface smooth while also offering exceptional strength and resistance to all kinds of abrasive surfaces. A good tip is to choose a reliable tape manufacturer, like for instance 3M. Like any product they manufacture, 3M packaging tapes offer some of the best performance on the market.

Author: Christina Stone

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