Baby Shower Ideas for New Parents

Unless you’re a parent, you probably aren’t sure and feel lost when it comes to shopping for baby shower gifts. Even though most parents have a registry set up which is of huge help, if they don’t, you may not know where to start. There’re lots of products you can choose from, however, there’re some that every parent could take advantage of.

And while it’s great to have as many baby clothing items as possible, especially during the first few months when there’ll be lots of throw-ups and burps, there are some other types of gifts that’ll make the first year of parenthood a whole lot easier.

Baby Bathtubs for Squeaky Clean Fun

picture of a woman holding a baby in a baby bath tub

A baby bath is one of the best gifts you could give to new parents. This useful product will help them tackle the most ‘daunting task’ in the beginning – and that’s bathing their infant. Most of the time, bathing time is messy and sometimes tiring, which is why you should choose a quality tub. Safe and appealing baby bathtubs can make bath time easy and fun, and all it takes is choosing the right model for your needs.

The choice for such tubs is huge and most of them will provide them with a much-needed pleasant and enjoyable bath time. So, now more than ever you should opt for a bathtub that’s made of quality and safe materials while having all the needed features for supporting the little bub. In order to ease their convenience while offering great support, you should opt for a tub with a soft mat.

Usually, these maths are made of foam or polyester and can fit easily in any bathtub or even in the sink, so they can bathe their baby with ease. In the beginning, newborns are so small that they can fit in a sink, so lots of parents decide to bathe them there.

If you want your present to be used for an extended period of time, you can choose a bath for a baby that allows for being adjusted according to their age. However, consulting with a professional about choosing the right size is essential in order to avoid any accidents and hazards. You can also look for one that comes with the following:

  • Temperature gauge that can let them know the temperature.
  • An overhanging rim that allows parents to easily handle the baby.
  • A non-skid surface that can keep the baby in place even if the water is too soapy.
  • A drain plug that makes removing the water quick and easy.

Baby Wraps For Increased Comfort

picture of a baby in a cosy wrap on a bed beside a plush toy

Swaddles and baby wraps are the most useful and versatile items. Usually made of high-quality and soft material, they can be used for wrapping a baby like a burrito, as a lightweight blanket during the warm time of the year, as a stroller cover, as a change mat and so on. The main purpose of a wrap for newborns is to fold it tightly around the newborn so it could feel warm and calm and improve its sleep, but for this, you should choose a soft wrap made from breathable and natural material.

Babies have extremely sensitive and fragile skin, so it would be recommended to choose a wrap made of bamboo or cotton. The main claim of these materials is that such a cosy wrap for a newborn baby can provide warmth and comfort while serving you for many years to come. Both of these materials are extremely durable and long-lasting and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Cotton in particular can be washed in extremely high water temperatures without shrinking which makes it one-of-a-kind material. So, it isn’t strange that most wraps and clothes, in general, are made of this amazing natural fabric.

All in all, choosing something made from one of these materials will soothe and aid even the most sensitive of all skin – the allergy-prone type of skin. That’s because both of them have hypo-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.

You can choose from an array of dazzling and cute wraps coming in different designs, prints and colours. Ideally, you should mix and match several designs and colours, so the new parents could match them according to the baby’s outfit, for instance. They’re also available in a range of sizes, so choosing more than one size would be awesome. This makes them more versatile and convenient.

Nursery Nappy Bag for Easier Access

picture of a nursery nappy bag

Diaper bags are one the most convenient and maybe the one and only bag moms will carry when going out. These bags are spacious enough to carry everything your baby needs from diapers and wet wipes to changing clothes, wraps and bottles. Having lots of pockets and compartments, these bags are spacy enough to hold parents’ essentials as well.

When you’re searching for the right model, pick a neutral colour so both father and mother could wear them. Regarding the model and design, it might be better if you opt for a backpack style since it’s more universal.

When in the search for diaper bags, make sure to choose one that has more features like adjustable straps/handles and outer pockets and zippers. This allows parents to have easy access to all important things.

Baby Nail Clippers for Convenience

picture of a woman holding and cutting baby nails

Cutting baby nails on a regular basis is paramount to prevent them from scratching their face and body, And, since infant fingernails grow at a surprisingly rapid rate, trimming them once or twice a week is mandatory. For that purpose, you should strive to invest in a good, quality and handy nail clipper, so that parents could be more comfortable when doing this otherwise hard task.

That’s because babies have ridiculously tiny nails and cutting them is often related to parents’ fear of cutting their fingers or the skin around the nails. Just like with most newborn products, nail clippers are available in numerous types ranging from standard models to electric ones. Out of all types, it’s the electric versions that are the most favoured since instead of clipping they technically file nails.

Author: Christina Stone

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