Bar Stools: Add a Great Functional Piece to Your Stylish Home

When redecorating or furnishing your home, the items you least expect to be challenging to find become the hardest to purchase. Believe it or not, the humble kitchen stool is one of those elusive pieces of furniture. Your search for bar stools can easily turn in vain, especially when you try to strike a balance between the aesthetics and functionality of your interior or when you look for something trendy but timeless, as well as something durable but eye-catching. Here are a few essential things to keep in mind before looking for the ideal bar stools for your home.

Types of Woods

scandinavian style wooden stools

If you are looking for small and versatile pieces of furniture furniture, wooden stools are an excellent choice. These simple pieces can be adapted to so many different uses around the house that it is surprising they don’t get more credit for their utility and uniqueness. Several types of woods are used to create gorgeous and sturdy stools. No other wood compares to oak in terms of traditional strength and longevity. It has a tight, somewhat chaotic grain pattern, which is unlikely to split down. It doesn’t shrink as much as other semi-hard woods, and it has the classic look of fine furniture.

On the other hand, Mahogany is an obvious choice for making wooden stools because it is readily available worldwide. Mahogany is easy to work with because of its warm colours and semi-soft texture. It has a straight grain, blends well, and is reasonably stable due to laminated straight-grain patterns. Wood stools can also be made of maple, poplar, cedar and redwood.


When taking the right measurements, it’s crucial to calculate the height and depth of the kitchen stool while concerning the height of the bench. Consider how the stools will be stored under the bench when not in use and how much space you want around each one.

The average bench height in Australia is 900mm, so as a general rule, the height of the stool should be between 620 and 690mm, thus allowing your legs to fit comfortably under the bench. I.e. this is the ideal stool size for adults whose feet can usually rest on the floor when perched, allowing for a smooth transition on and off the stool. After all, no one wants to climb to their breakfast seat if the stools are much higher than this!

Fabric Protection & Upholstery

wooden stool bar with a fabric seat

For many homeowners, this consideration is as difficult as choosing the right stools. Those who want to use their bar stools for many years to come and have a young family should avoid fabric upholstery and cane styles no matter how stylish they appear. Instead, combine the wood with something durable and easy to clean, such as moulded polypropylene or metal.

However, if you still can’t resist fabric-covered stools, use Scotchguard to cover them and make cleaning easier down the road. Leather stools are always in style, and if you go this route, make sure to wipe them down with leather conditioner at least once a month to keep them supple and stain-free.

The Noise Factor

Stool legs scraping on wooden floorboards, concrete, or tiled floors has to be one of the most infamous noises. It’s irritating, not to mention extremely harmful to your flooring. Even stools with protective rubber feet can make this noise and cause just as much damage to your flooring. Keep the noise factor in mind when choosing your stools and test them out to see if you’ll need to add felt stripping to the bottoms. It may appear to be a minor point, but it’s a critical one because the noise and damage are enough to drive you insane.

Statement Piece

Scandinavian style kitchen with wooden bar stools

Bar stools can be an excellent way to add texture, colour, and personality to minimalistic kitchens. Stone, wood, wicker, and leather can add warmth and a natural element to an otherwise cold kitchen, as well as complement other natural finishes throughout the house for added cohesion. Similarly, if you have a more traditional wooden or Scandinavian style kitchen, try pairing it with metal, polypropylene, or combination style stools to add interest and contrast.


When shopping for bar stools, the last thing you want is to spend your money on something that can be easily damaged or broken. As far as durability is concerned, wooden stools should be your priority. However, keep in mind that you must choose the right type of wood. Woods are not only known for their durability, but they can also add class and a vintage look to your kitchen.

Comfort Before Style

These days, stylish stools are all the rage. We completely understand that no one wants a boring kitchen, but one of your main concerns when furnishing it should be comfort. A stool with a nice design may tempt you to buy it, but you may regret it later when you discover how uncomfortable it is. Our eyes can be fooled by style, but not our bodies.

Stability and Support

stable wooden stools with a fabric seats

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen stool, especially if you have children, stability is crucial. Even when they are seated, children like to play. Some kids may even sway in their seats. Having a stable stool will put you at ease and reduce the risk of an accident for your children or the elderly.

There are now stools with backrests to meet the needs of people with back problems. Stools with a high backrest and a low backrest are among the options depending on the preferences of each individual. Backrests of various types are also available for use. You can choose from chairs with straight backs, solid backs, ladder backs, cross-backs, etc. Some bar stools may have an armrest as well.

Mix & Match

If matching isn’t your thing, try mixing different stool styles. You can quickly achieve this look as long as you keep one element consistent across all stools. For example, you can use all wood stools in various styles and tones, or you can use the same stool in a variety of colours, or you can even use the same coloured stools in a variety of styles and finishes. As long as your mix-and-match collection maintains cohesion, the results should always be stunning!

Author: Christina Stone

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