A List of Essential Clothes for Baby Girl

When parents are expecting, they have to plan many things. There is a big list of stuff to take care of – starting from a basinet to baby-proofing the home, preparing the baby’s room with the needed furniture and shopping for baby clothes.

If you’re expecting a baby girl, you’re probably excited to get cute clothes that would make her look like a little princess. Although this process is enjoyable, sometimes it may get overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have any idea of what your little angel really needs.

Newborns grow fast and before you know it, that cute little dress is too small for your baby girl. For the first three months of the life of your baby, you would need mainly practical clothes. Sure, you can pick cute stuff, but in general, the clothes should be easy for you to put on and off the baby. Here’s a list of the essential clothes for baby girl during that period.


You’ll need plenty of these. At least ten onesies will do the work and I don’t say this because I believe that your baby should be dressed up differently every day. Babies will puke, pee and poop, so they will need frequent changes of clothes (more than one in a day). This means your baby should have one piece for every day of the week, plus a few extras in case of accidents.

I’d suggest you get zip-up onesies instead of buttoned ones as these can be taken on and off much easier. In case you’re seeking clothes for baby girl for the summer, then make sure the onesies are short-sleeved and made of lightweight and breathable materials. Keep the long ones for the winter.


We can’t have a list of baby clothes without bibs. Babies will burp, puke and drool, which is normal, so a bib will keep the clothes and pyjamas clean (at least for a while). Don’t save money on bibs, and get as many as you can. Get at least ten, because they won’t stay clean for long. When getting bandana bibs, make sure you get a few burping cloths that will help you wipe up the food off your baby’s mouth.


Your baby girl clothing isn’t complete without some great pyjamas. There is nothing lovelier than a baby in cute pyjamas. The best models are sleepsuits, that are easy for putting on. Get six to eight sleepsuits for the first three months. The pyjamas should be soft and comfortable and made from natural materials such as cotton or bamboo.


Pants are also necessary, even for baby girls. They’re comfortable, easy to put on and will keep your baby’s legs warm. If you’re going out, the pants will easily help you dress up your baby. If you’re looking for pants for the colder months, pick models that are lined on the inside to provide extra warmth for those cute chubby legs. Get 4-5 pairs of pants, so your baby will always have a clean extra pair.


This is another thing that is part of the essentials when it comes to baby clothes. Your newborn will need at least eight to ten pieces. Just like the onesies, these are great for days when you want your baby to feel comfortable and free. Put on a top and only a diaper and your baby will sleep freely and unbothered. Make sure to get models where the opening on the top is wide enough, so the top will be easy to put on, and the baby will have enough room around their neck.

Socks & Mittens

Although when babies wear onesies they seldom need socks, we suggest you get five or six pairs that will be good for the tiny feet in the first three months. There will be days when your baby will wear pants so you don’t want their feet to get cold. It would be a good idea to get one or two pairs of booties so your little princess can wear them when you go out.

Mittens are part of the essentials especially for the first couple of months. Your baby’s nails are sharp enough to scratch the gentle skin, so protect those tiny hands with mittens. Get three to four pairs of mittens for the first three months (they may be wearable even after your baby passes the third month of their life).

A Few Bonus Pieces

Even though your little one is too young for dressing up and she’ll probably outgrow any piece of clothes before you blink, you can get a baby jacket for the chilly days outside. Get a padded jacket for the winter months. Of course, a blanket is always mandatory when you and your baby go out, so always have one.

Hats are necessary to protect the baby’s head from both sun rays and cold air. Pick a lightweight hat for the warm days and a knitted one (lined on the inside) for the winter days. Don’t get too many hats, since babies’ heads grow fast so what seems to fit at one month, will look like a tiny accessory when your baby is three or four months old.

Author: Christina Stone

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