Advantages of Splitboards and Things to Consider When Buying

Over the past several years, the rise in backcountry snowboarding has grown immensely as more riders are looking to conquer steep couloirs, champagne powder and tree-lined powder fields. Most snowboarders nowadays are also looking to get away from busy resorts, lift queues and just run off into the wilderness to do as they please. However, for such an adventure, you need more than a conventional snowboard. While some snowboarders opt to get snow boots to help them climb the deep snow, others opt for the more modern approach – splitboards.

Splitboards are a relatively new invention, but they’ve become extremely popular, as they allow riders to split the board up in the middle and use it similarly to how they’d use skis to climb a snowy trail. As a result, they don’t have to carry the snowboard on their back, and they don’t need special snow boots, which reduces the overall weight they carry with them. That being said, if you’ve decided to look for a splitboard online stores offer a wide range of models, so you’ll need to consider a few different factors in order to make the best purchase.

First and foremost, when shopping for a splitboard online stores offer models in a wide range of lengths, widths, and weights. The length of the splitboard should be suitable for your height, which should be from your toes up to your chin. In terms of width, you need a splitboard that can accommodate your feet. Basically, your bindings should comfortably fit on the snowboard without there being too much extra space at the end of the board. And of course, you’ll want a splitboard that doesn’t weigh too much. Compare different boards and pick the lightest one you can afford.

Next, you need to consider the camber and shape. Most people will tell you that these things are left up to personal preference, so you should just go with what feels best for you. There are thousands of different guides that you can watch on YouTube to get a better idea of the difference between various splitboard shapes and cambers. Basically, every splitboard brand will offer boards in traditional, reverse and hybrid camber.

Furthermore, you need to consider the board’s flex. The flex is determined by your riding style. For instance, if you’re riding steep descents, you need a stiff splitboard that will provide you with maximum control at speed. If you’re new, however, you should get a medium flex splitboard as that will perform well on most types of terrain.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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