A Magical Fairy Tale-Inspired Garden For Modern Day Princesses


Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle surrounded by many flowers with pink or violet hue and lots of trees around too? There’s definitely something romantic about climber plants and gardens in general and Disney cartoons are partly to blame for it. So besides their heavenly look and unbelievable fresh smell of flowers, houses with gardens have a hidden fairytale purpose: they make us feel like royalty.

Well, what if I told you that in order to fulfill the still burning desire of your inner child you don’t need some fancy flowers or the help from a professional gardener. If you plant a bunch of useful herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, climbers and easy-to-harvest flowers you’ll create an “it just happened” natural look that will make your garden look simply magical. Plus, with so much plants around, birds will simply love visiting your yard and you’ll feel like you’re literally in heaven.

When deciding on your choice of bloom, make sure you stick to those simple to plant and to look after. Geraniums, tulips, carnations, orchids and daffodils are perfect for beginners in gardening. Besides roses, these are all flower classics that every garden should ought to include. Make sure you don’t plant the flowers under a heavy shade and remember to water them twice a day if it’s too hot outside.


If you have a narrow path made of bricks that leads to your front door, you can make it look dreamy with some beautiful lavender flowers. In fact, a garden with a lavender-edged brick path to the door is what many people picture when they think of a fairytale-ish homes. Plus, imagine the scent of a natural lavender accompanying you to the door every day after work…priceless!

However, you can’t go without the colorful climber plants if you want to bring the ultimate Disney harmony in your garden. Climber plants are enchanting to the point of even appearing a bit mystical and that’s what helps them take the breath away of their beholders.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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