Why Water Chillers are so Important Yet Always Overlooked

A few years ago I had to go to my local mechanic to fix up a few problems that my car had developed. He examined it, and told me all of the parts that would need to be replaced. No surprise, the estimate turned out pretty costly, so in an effort to reduce the price, I remember asking him to only replace what I thought were the most crucial components, neglecting the water pump since I didn’t believe it was an important item. Well, after my car broke down two days later because the engine overheated, it can safely be said that I was proven to be very wrong on that point.

Water chiller

The fact is that most machines have some sort of internal cooling system to keep them working smoothly and stop them from building up too much heat from the frictional force generated by all of the countless moving parts. Most smaller machines get by with a water pump, much like the ones used for the same purpose in cars (to circulate the water throughout the parts). There are however larger pieces of machinery with much smaller working parts, as well as types of machines that specifically require a much colder cooling system on the level of water chillers industrial type.

A water chiller industrial type is a machine that removes heat from a liquid through two processes known as vapor-compression and an absorption refrigeration process. While it may sound complicated, in essence the goal is to reduce the temperature of the water that is going to be used to cool down some certain process in both commercial and industrial facilities.

The most common use of a water chiller is in air conditioning systems, where the chilled water is distributed to heat exchangers or coils. This means that it is without a doubt the single most important component of a device which nearly all of us have in our homes.

In terms of industrial application, the water chiller is used to cool products, mechanisms and machinery. They are very often used in chemical processing, vacuum systems, food and beverage processing, the plastic industry and so on.

The fact that they are used in such a wide variety of places means that there are quite a few factors to keep in mind while selecting them, like the power source, the ambient temperature, or even the noise level to name a few of the more important ones.

To sum it all up, even though some people can’t see the value in a cooling system for something like a car which they use every day (like I didn’t), water chillers are in fact vital to almost every major industry.

Author: Christina Stone

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