Sex Toys 101: How to Choose a Dildo

If you’ve ever walked into a sex shop and seen rows and rows of veiny dick-shaped dildos, the overwhelming picture of silicone penises may be what comes to mind when you think dildo—but there’s a lot more variation than you might imagine. Many dildos do not even have a penis. Some are smooth and sleek, similar to a vibrator, but without the vibrations, while others are textured with bumps and grooves, and many can be curved. Therefore, choosing the best dildo might be a daunting task for some.

Safe Materials

Before finding a dildo in your desired length and girth to enjoy yourself like never before, you should pay close attention to the materials it’s made of. The safest materials are the ones that are easiest to clean and aren’t porous. These dildos are usually made of silicone, glass, metal, and hard plastics.

Out of these only one material stands out in these two characteristics, therefore you should buy dildos made of silicone as these are flexible, soft, and smooth. Silicone is food-grade -appropriate for insertion or medical grade – tested on animals, and suitable for permanent insertion such as silicone implants. Both grades of sex toys are proved sexually safe.

Moreover, silicone warms up to body temperature and is non-porous, which means that it won’t absorb any commercial or natural lubricant or bacteria, making it really low maintenance. Cleaning with soap and water is typically sufficient. However, silicone dildos without internal vibrators can also be boiled for sterilisation for enhanced cleanliness.

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Since other materials are more difficult to keep clean, if you choose one of those, use a condom with it. Also, be careful when opting for dildos made of jelly rubber as it’s manufactured with a chemical softener called phthalates, and some consider it to be harmful.

Dildo’s Preferable Length

If you prefer your cervix to be stimulated during vaginal play, opt for toys 6′′ or longer. A giant dildo may not be enough for you unless you know that bigger is better for your body. For instance, a larger dildo is sometimes preferable for persons with larger bodies who may want a little extra length to get a dildo in, especially when using a harness.

On the other hand, the length makes no difference for anal play as long as the toy is soft. People with penises have a prostate that is 2-3′′ inside the rectum towards the belly button; people with vaginas have a perianal sponge that is roughly 2′′ inside the rectum, also towards the belly button. Almost any dildo will activate those erogenous zones.

Other important factors to consider include girth – specifically thickness, and insertable length. You don’t have to insert the full toy if it’s not comfortable. When using a dildo by hand, you can simply hold it towards the base of the shaft to insert a restricted portion of its complete length.

The Ideal Width

The average dildo is 1.5′′ wide, though many people like to go on the smaller or larger side. Thinner fabrics may be preferred by a newbie to anal play, whereas sex toys with varying width ripples provide greater feeling, which is better for short intense sessions than extended marathon pleasure romps that may leave you sore afterwards. However, if “little gentler” is your style, you should buy dildos with nice texture, a curving shape, and pleasant ridges to stimulate your G-spot!

Dildo’s Desired Shape

A dildo with a base is required for safe anal play, whereas a thick, wide base is the most practical for harness play to guarantee that it stays in place, as thinner bases tend to fall out. Dildos with testicles not only appear realistic but also provide more stimulation on the upper pubis, also known as the mons and clitoris for the harness user. Other toys come with ribs that rest against the same location and provide stimulation to the harness-wearer. These dildos normally feature a soft ridge and extra cushion at the base to provide additional stimulation and pleasure to the harness-wearer.

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If you want to double your pleasure, then dildos with two ends should be your choice! Those that fit in a harness are intended for pleasure in the vagina on the inside and clitoral stimulation on the outside, as well as penetration of their partner. Some of these dildos may be used without a harness in the same way for both pleasure and control, but using them with a harness ensures they stay in place better for improved control and positioning.

Dildo Styles for Every Job

When used in a harness, vibrating dildos provide additional excitement for both partners, though some harness wearers find them numbing after a while of pulsating in the same location without movement. Others have discovered that vibration for the harness-wearer can improve blood flow and excitement to the vaginal area—it all depends on your personal experience. Many people who are subjected to this method like the increased experience.

If you want a dildo specifically for G-spot or prostate stimulation, seek one with a noticeable curve that will rub the anterior wall – some dildos are specifically made to hit the sweet spot. When doing it, however, repeated pressure beneath the dildo can cause discomfort in some people, particularly those with sensitive clitorises or little fat on their pubic bone. Using a dildo that attaches to a harness or one that sits under the base of the dildo can provide more cushioning to the body, allowing you to focus on pleasure for both you and your partner.

On the other hand, a suction base is required for those who want to secure a dildo to a wall or floor. Many dildos include a base that allows them to be attached to flat surfaces. If you have a flat-base dildo, you can affix a double-sided suction cup to the base, allowing it to be fastened to a wall, floor, another flat dildo, or surface.

Keep in mind though that dildos’ materials have more friction than the skin, so to make the experience smoother and slick-feeling, couple your dildo with your favourite sex lube. If you’re using a silicone toy, avoid using silicone lube and instead use a water-based one.

Author: Christina Stone

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