Tips for Creating a Lovely Patio

The patio is simply an outdoor extension of the home, and as such it should provide the same level of comfort as the inside of our homes. If done right, the patio can become your personal outdoor relaxation zone where you can enjoy those beautiful warm days we’re so lucky to have in such abundance here in Australia. And now that spring is finally here, you can start melting away that winter depression while seated under the umbrella with a Margarita in one hand and a book in the other. If you find the thought of it tempting, here are some tips on how you can create your own lovely patio.

Patio Chairs

Choose Furniture Pieces According to the Space

Similar to decorating the inside of your house, furnishing your patio is also governed by the amount of space you have on disposal. Patios can range is size from small, garden-patch patios to patios as large as your living room. It’s important that you preserve the openness of the space by avoiding overcrowding it too much. Try to visualize all the furniture pieces you want included. Is your patio big enough to fit a large dining table and a full set of patio chairs? Or can you just fit a small coffee table and some Ottomans? And don’t forget to make space for your umbrella. Answering these questions can help you determine the things you need to uses the space practically.

If You Love Wood, Teak Ticks All the Boxes

Solid wood outdoor furniture made of teak boasts with some incredible weather resistant and non-rotting properties and does not need any finishes, paints, stains or other protective coatings. This all natural look is what makes it so beautiful. Left to age gracefully, these handsome pieces will turn a silvery grey within a year. If you do decide to use a coating, it’s good to know that an oil-base paint is tougher than latex, while gloss finishes are more durable opposed to semigloss or flat finishes. You can leave your teak patio chairs bare for a more minimalistic and earthy look, or spruce them up with some colourful mildew-resistant seat cushions. And don’t worry about bad weather, teak furniture can stay outside throughout the whole year and not get damaged by whatever nature throws at it.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Finally, you should think about ways to illuminate your outdoor space when night falls. After all, there’s nothing better than spending warm summer nights in the company of family or friends at your beautiful patio. An energy-efficient, money-saving and hassle-free solution is to install solar lights. Not only are they an eco-friendly choice, but they also feature a sleek design that does not involve any wires that can disturb the aesthetics of your space.

Author: Christina Stone

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