Tips and Considerations For Choosing Your Bedding

Are you really getting all the rest you’re supposed to? In today’s rushed and over-stressed world, it’s rare to find a person that gets the necessary amount of Z’s. Most of us sacrifice our sleep at the expense of getting more things done. But the truth is, getting enough sleep is what actually gives us more energy and improves our focus, thus helps increase our productivity. It’s a shame that in today’s world, sleep is considered a luxury.

King Size Pillow Case

But having quality bedding should not be a luxury – as a matter of fact, it is a necessity. A perfectly made bed combined with comfortable linens and enough quiet around you, is key to improving the quality of your sleep. So if your kids or job rob you from precious sleep time, at least make sure that the hours of sleep you get are spent in a serene and comfortable environment. Here are some things to think about when choosing your bedding.

Size Matters

Smooth and comfortable sheets will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep without any major wrinkles making you uncomfortable. Some extreme purists even suggest that you should iron your bedding, but that won’t be necessary if you choose the right size. The biggest mistake I’ve seen is people getting bedding a size too small or too large. Also, a pillowcase that’s smaller than your pillow will constrict it and ruin its volume, making it higher than it is and uncomfortable to sleep on. So if, you have an XXL pillow, choose an appropriate king size pillow case – it is as simple as that. And the same goes for the bed sheets and duvet covers.

Choose the Right Materials

Choose bedding fabrics based on your sleeping preferences and the temperature of your bedroom. It’s always good to use two types of bedding sets – one for winter and one for the warmer months. In the summer, if you get really hot, opt for lightweight materials such as cotton or linen. In the winter, you can switch your blanket or duvet for a more heat-conserving material such as down, which doesn’t weigh that much and it’s not stifling either. Alternatively, you can also choose a thermo-regulating material, such as bamboo, which feels comfortable to the skin all year round.

Take Proper Care of Your Bedding

We spend around a third of our day in bed, where we sweat and shed tiny flakes of skin while we sleep. Therefore, it’s very important to change and wash your bed sheets regularly to prevent any germs that might irritate your skin or exacerbate any breathing problems you may have. Some pieces of bedding need to be washed more regularly, like for instance pillowcases, bed sheets and duvet covers. Actually, everything that comes in direct contact with your skin needs to be changed and washed weekly. On the other hand, it’s totally fine to wash the pillows and duvets 2-3 times a year. Just make sure to read the washing instructions on the label, unless you want your beautiful king size pillow case to shrink and lose its appeal.

Author: Christina Stone

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