Headlamp: Different Features Fit for Different Lifestyles

Despite the years and years of evolution that have gone by, the human body is still work in progress yet that’s never stopped us from making the most of life and experiencing new things each and every new day. Throughout the years we’ve learnt how to compensate what we have a lack of thanks to the numerous inventions that are being created constantly. Let’s take vision for example. While we’re perfectly capable of functioning during daylight, unlike certain animals, as is the case with cats, lemurs and owls, we require electricity once the sun sets to be able to see clearly, and if not for Nikola Tesla and his alternating current life as we know it if wouldn’t be possible.Headlamp

But what happens when we find ourselves in need of proper lighting outside to help us with jogging, climbing, cycling, fishing, camping, caving and the such? We rely on flashlights of course. Since there are many choices of flashlights being developed to this day, it might not seem that much of an easy thing to do when looking for the ideal one but there’s only one option that proves to be the best, particularly if you want to be rid of bulkiness and have your hands free: headlamps. As there are different kinds of lifestyles, there are also different kinds of headlamp choices, so it takes delving a bit deeper into the purchase by getting to know the various features that are part of these flashlight products.

One of the primary things one should consider when buying a headlamp is the beam angle. The type of beam angle one requires depends on the kind of activity one does. For instance, while a surgeon needing good lighting in a limited amount of space can do well with a throw, a cyclist, camper or jogger could do well with a floody beam. When it comes to the batteries, the type of headlamp can be an indicator to the type of batteries you’d get to use and their placement. In the case of small headlamps, the battery is usually AA and is placed at the front, whereas the helmet headlamps have their batteries at the back of the head, considered the better option when you have to keep the batteries warm while exposing them to cold climate conditions.

Brightness, also referred to as lumens, is another feature you should look into. Usually, people go for the brightest option there is, yet it’s not always the increase in brightness one should be after but checking how low it can go as well since in certain situations even 1 lumen can be too bright and harm your eyes. Last but not least, the headband can make all the difference regarding comfort. This has to do with the material it’s made of, be it rubber, plastic or silicone, and can give you a hint as to the adjustment and attachment. You can’t consider something a good purchase if it’s causing you more discomfort than being useful to you, so be mindful of this feature in particular when purchasing.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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