The Many Advantages of LED Batten Lights over Fluorescent Tube Lights

The days of the old fluorescent tube fixtures should be long gone and forgotten. Not only do they not provide enough light to illuminate the entire area, but they can also take their toll on your pocket. Yes, on the market they might be one of the cheapest light choices, but when you take into account that they use a lot of electricity and usually don’t last very long, over the years you end up spending 10 times the money.

Luckily, there’s a smarter choice for everyone that likes the look of tube lights – LED batten light fittings. Whether you need surface mounted lights or suspended from the ceiling, this type of LED lights has all the power required to illuminate your home, front porch, office or industrial setting. With their many advantages, LED batten light fittings are quickly gaining ground against fluorescent tubes. Let’s see exactly what benefits they pack.

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For one, they use LED technology which is more sophisticated than fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lights. LEDs have been praised as the future of lighting, because they last a very long time, need only a small amount of energy and use that energy as efficiently as they can. Some studies on the durability of LEDs have shown that with proper care a LED light can last for 50 000, which translates into dozens of years of use.

Now let’s talk specifically about LED batten light fittings. First of all, they are a lot more safer than their fluorescent counterpart. Unlike tube lights that use a chemical like neon which can be toxic if it seeps out, batten lights are 100% powered by chemical-free LEDs which represent virtually no hazard to the surroundings. This makes LED batten light fittings the best option for schools, hospitals, factories and residential use as well. At the end of their lifespan, these types of lights are easy to dispose off, create no toxic waste and require no special treatment.

LED batten lights take the basic design of fluorescent tube lights and upgrade it to perfection. Depending on the level of illumination you need, batten light fittings can have one or two LED tubes integrated within them. Because of their unprecedented quality, ease of installation and economy, these types of lights have become the premier choice for linear lighting across Australia. With their light weight and minimalistic and slim design, LED batten lights can be a stylish and unobtrusive lighting solution to any area. And you haven’t even heard the best part yet – they are a lot less expensive than fluorescent tubes.

As you can conclude from this text, LED batten light fittings are a more advanced equivalent of fluorescent tube fittings with all the goodness LED offers.

Author: Christina Stone

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