The Case for Abstract Art: Bring a New Experience to Your Home

Looking for new, subtle ways you can upgrade your home décor? You don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your oasis. After all, when all is said and done, you’re the one who will be living there so it makes sense that you curate the process. Speaking of which, is there a better way to make your home more homely and give it a makeover than by including a bit of abstract art?

Sure, it might be a little daunting and overwhelming, given all the possibilities but with proper guidance, you’ll be able to reach a decision in no time. Want to know how you can include a charming abstract art poster in your home decor style? Keep reading to find out.

What Is the Purpose of Abstract Art?

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Have you ever stood in awe in front of an abstract poster? They’re quite the work of art, aren’t they? As you examine the intricate blend of lines, colours and patterns, you try to decipher their meaning. Surely there has to be something right? Those subjective interpretations of each artwork, along with the mysteries that come with them, have long been a staple of abstract paintings.

This particular form of art is perhaps the most unique and intriguing style which gives artists the freedom to use various lines and shapes to create something beyond the physical world. By taking you on this journey that crosses the borders of what is humanly perceptible and tangible, abstract art stimulates your creative and critical thinking like no other. By using it as a decoration, you’re breathing new life into your existing home decor style and transforming it into something truly exciting.

Can You Mix Abstract Art with Traditional Furniture?

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You might be surprised to read this but you totally can. In fact, abstract art has an incredible innate ability to complement any style, whether it’s avant-garde, traditional or something in the middle. If you decide to pair it with traditional furniture, in particular, the contrast between the two elements will add an extra edge to the room. You know what they say, opposites attract.

Simply put, abstract art works really well with all genres of room decor, either by seamlessly blending into its surroundings or taking centre stage and stealing the show. The ways in which you decide to play around with it is entirely up to you.

How Can You Decorate Your Home with Abstract Art?

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To help you get started with your decorations, let’s go over a few pointers on what you can do.

Create Your Own Rules

The first rule of all is that there are no rules. You’re the author of the story your home tells about you so it makes total sense that you have all the freedom in the world to decorate it however you’d like.

Remember, the artwork you put up doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned to be considered good. As long as it aligns with your taste and preferences, there’s shouldn’t be any kind of problem.

Choose a Focal Point

The best way to freshen up the space is by choosing a colourful, oversize abstract art poster that’s going to serve as the centrepiece of your home. Once you’ve got that in place, follow up with a few medium-sized pieces to complete the look. This is how you add some much-appreciated depth and dimension to the room by bringing these art forms to the fore.

Use Complementary Tones

When choosing smaller artworks to accompany your focal point, it’s important to pay attention to how well those pieces work together. To do this, it’s best to stick to colours that are already present in the area. In this way, you contribute to a more cohesive and consistent appearance by creating balance and symmetry in your displayed art posters. In any case, it’s all about presentation.

Practice Colour Blocking

Oftentimes, the best way to sprinkle some colour into a neutral area is by practising the art of colour blocking. By adding a pop of colour into an otherwise dull space, you add depth and personality without over-embellishing the room. This is particularly convenient if you’re looking to maintain a minimalist design.

Key Considerations When Choosing Abstract Art

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Before you venture into your home decor journey, let’s have a peek at a few final things you should take into consideration.


This is pretty simple, you can have the most eye-catching artwork in the world but if you don’t have the right lighting to go with it, it all goes down the drain. In areas where there is no direct sunlight, it’s absolutely crucial to include lighting to brighten up your home in style. This is also a great way to make the space seem larger. Two birds with one stone, right?

The Size of the Living Area

In short, your art pieces should be the right fit for each room. For instance, if you use large abstract posters in a relatively small area, it’ll end up looking cluttered and messy. On the other hand, if you decorate a spacious room with tiny artwork, it’ll feel incomplete. So moral of the story, consider the space you have at your disposal and decorate accordingly.

Author: Christina Stone

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