Taking the Bum for a Swim: Tips on Choosing Maternity Swimwear

Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative experience, with a multitude of physical and emotional changes. While these changes can be turbulent, it doesn’t mean you should skimp on some summertime fun during those nine months. However, finding the right maternity swimwear can be both exciting and daunting since it needs to accommodate a growing belly while providing comfort, support, and style.

As your body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy, finding the right swimwear that offers comfort, support, and style becomes essential for enjoying poolside or beach activities. Here are some tips to help you choose the best swimwear and take your beautiful bum for a relaxing swim.

How to Buy Swimwear When Pregnant?

Understanding Your Body

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During pregnancy, your body shape will change, particularly around the bust, abdomen, and hips. Look for swimwear that accommodates these changes and offers enough room for your growing belly without feeling too tight or restrictive. As your belly expands, you may require additional support and coverage.

Additionally, consider factors such as breast size, comfort preferences, and any specific features you desire in swimwear, such as adjustable straps or UV protection. Remember, when choosing suitable pregnancy bathers the key is to find something that makes you feel comfy, confident, and stylish during this special time in your life.

Choosing the Right Size

When selecting maternity bathers, you should find the right size to ensure comfort and support throughout your pregnancy. Many brands offer maternity sizing that corresponds to your pre-pregnancy size, but it’s essential to refer to each brand’s sizing chart for accuracy. Consider opting for styles with adjustable features such as ties or straps to accommodate fluctuations in size.

Support and Comfort

Support and comfort are paramount when choosing maternity swimwear. Look for styles with built-in shelf bras, adjustable straps, and stretchy fabrics that offer gentle support without constricting your growing belly. Additionally, consider features such as padded cups or underwire for added support, especially if you have larger breasts.

Functional design

Consider practical features such as nursing-friendly options if you plan to breastfeed after giving birth. Some maternity swimwear styles come with discreet nursing access, making it easier to breastfeed your baby while enjoying time at the pool or beach. When trying on different options, you should also consider the functionality of the design in terms of ease of getting in and out of the piece, as well as how it stays in place while swimming or engaging in other water activities.

Fabric Selection

The choice of fabric plays a significant role in the comfort and durability of maternity swimwear. Opt for soft, stretchy fabrics such as nylon or spandex blends that provide ample stretch and support. These fabrics should also offer quick-drying properties, making them ideal for swimming and lounging by the pool or beach.

Style and Design

While comfort and functionality are crucial, don’t overlook the style and design elements of pregnancy swimwear. Choose colours and patterns that reflect your style and make you feel confident and beautiful. Whether you prefer solid hues, playful prints, or trendy designs, there’s a wide range of options available to suit every taste. Consider maternity swimwear with ruching or gathering around the abdomen area. These design features help to camouflage any lumps or bumps and provide a flattering silhouette during pregnancy.


Look for swimwear styles that can be worn throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Options with adjustable features such as side ties or removable straps allow you to customize the fit as your body changes. Even after giving birth, these adjustable features can still provide support and comfort as your body transitions back to its pre-pregnancy size.

UV Protection

Pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so choose swimwear with built-in UV protection to shield your skin from harmful rays. Look for options labelled with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating for added sun protection. While this doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen, it does offers greater coverage and peace of mind while spending time outdoors.

Try Before You Buy

Before making a final decision, it’s advisable to try on the pregnancy bathers to ensure perfect fit and comfort. Many maternity stores offer fittings and consultations with experienced staff who can assist you in finding the right style and size for your body. If shopping online, take advantage of retailers’ generous return policies to try multiple styles and sizes in the comfort of your home.

Budget Considerations

While it’s tempting to splurge on maternity bathers, especially for a special occasion like a babymoon or maternity photoshoot, consider your budget when making a purchase, especially since you are preparing for a baby. Set a reasonable budget and explore various brands and retailers to find affordable options that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that this swimwear is often worn for a relatively short period, so investing in a few quality pieces that can be mixed and matched may be a more practical choice.

Types of Maternity Swimwear

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Maternity swimwear comes in various styles to suit different body types and preferences. Some common types include:
• Tankini: A tankini features a tank top-style top paired with bikini bottoms. It provides ample coverage for your growing belly while allowing you to mix and match sizes for the top and bottom.
• One-piece: One-piece maternity swimsuits offer full coverage and support. Look for styles with ruching or gathering along the sides to accommodate your belly’s growth comfortably.
• Bikini: Maternity bikinis feature bottoms with adjustable waistbands and tops designed to accommodate larger breasts. They offer versatility and allow you to show off your baby bump if desired.
• Swim Dresses: Swim dresses are flattering options that feature a dress-like silhouette with an attached swimsuit underneath. They provide ample coverage and are ideal for those who prefer a more modest look.


Choosing the right maternity swimwear is an essential part of preparing for a summer pregnancy or vacation. Remember to prioritize your comfort and confidence, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from maternity specialists or retailers if needed. With the perfect choice in hand, you can embrace your pregnancy journey with style and grace, feeling beautiful and comfortable at every stage.

Author: Christina Stone

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