Preparing for Baby: Our Tips for Completing Your Newborn’s Wardrobe

While newborns don’t require much in their initial weeks of life, essentials like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bottles, and blankets are indispensable during this period. Additionally, unforeseen incidents like diaper blow-outs, spit-up disasters, and temperature changes often necessitate frequent clothing changes for babies throughout the day. Considering the regularity of diaper changes, it’s wise to opt for clothing items that are easy to put on and take off.

However, buying clothing for a newborn can be an overwhelming task, especially for first-time parents, given the myriad choices and adorable options available. To navigate this seemingly endless array of choices, follow our tips for curating a delightful wardrobe for your newborn during those initial months.

Start with Singlets

baby singlet
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There are some clothing items your newborn has to wear, regardless of the outfit you choose, and one of those items is the hard-to-beat singlet. When narrowing down your choices, dress your little one in comfort and joy with an adorable organic baby singlet. They are essential pieces of layering that can be worn all year round, day or night, so it’s important to have plenty of these in your baby’s wardrobe.

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature as effectively as adults and can quickly become too hot or too cold. Baby singlets help regulate a newborn’s body temperature by providing an extra layer of insulation. Choosing one made from GOTS-certified organic cotton will keep their little bodies warm and comfortable. Moreover, babies can sweat a lot, especially during hot weather or when they are sleeping. Singlets help absorb sweat and keep the baby’s skin dry.

On the other hand, a baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive and can easily become irritated by rough fabrics or seams. Newborn singlets made from soft, breathable, and organic cotton fabrics are gentler on the skin.

In terms of style, there are many different designs available, from the pointelle one that features a soft scooped neckline and is perfect for layering to the tie-shoulder terry towelling baby singlet that keeps babies cool and comfortable in warmer weather on the beach or during play.

Rompers Are Essential

When buying baby clothes that tick all the boxes, nothing surpasses the fun and comfortable newborn rompers made of premium cotton. They are both adorable and convenient, so they deserve to be at the top of your baby’s wardrobe checklist.

A baby romper, often known as a one-piece or bubble, is a top and bottom that snap together at the crotch to make diaper changing easier. Rompers are ideal for playdates, family gatherings, and photo shoots not just because they limit the quantity of clothing that a fussy baby must wear but also because they typically feature fashionable motifs and patterns. Furthermore, newborn rompers create a cute warm-weather outfit when worn alone or with a bodysuit.

If you’re not sure what size romper to get for your newborn or if your infant falls between sizes, go up a size. This ensures a solid fit and allows for flexibility in development. Choose ones that are meant to look excellent when the legs gather around the knee or thigh, so they last through a couple of growth spurts.

Don’t Forget the Bodysuits

baby singlet
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Bodysuits are popular among first-time parents and in general since they are a complete costume in and of themselves, making them essential pieces for your newborn’s wardrobe. They are a popular choice for baby shower gifts, but it’s a good idea to have a selection of sizes on hand to accommodate your baby’s rapid growth.

Furthermore, you can never have too many wipes because newborns can go through up to four or five clean ones every day, thanks to spit-up and blowouts. Fortunately, some companies provide infant bodysuits in budget-friendly multi-packs.

Consider Sleepers

A sleeper is an important piece of clothing when completing your baby’s wardrobe. A sleeper is a single piece of clothing, typically made of cotton or fleece, that keeps babies warm and comfortable as they sleep.

However, these practical newborn clothes can be worn for tummy time at home, on outings, and not just at bedtime. Sleepers typically have long sleeves that cover the baby’s feet, making them great for keeping your little one warm no matter where you are. Furthermore, many styles include zip-up or snap-front closures, making diaper changes a breeze.

Get Cardigans and Leggings for Colder Months

Leggings are a great addition to a newborn’s outfit. Baby leggings that are silky and flexible are extremely versatile. When the weather turns cool and the baby begins to crawl, they’re ideal for short strolls in the baby carrier. They can also be worn underneath dresses or shorts, pulled up over a baby bodysuit, or paired with a baby kimono top, to mention a few stylistic possibilities. Look for newborn leggings made of soft fabrics, such as cotton, that will not chafe or irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

Babies are particularly sensitive to even minor weather changes, so dress your little one in more layers than you would wear in the same conditions. And by an extra layer of clothes, we mean a good old, warm cardigan. It’s the most important item of apparel to have on hand during the winter months and whenever the weather calls for it. Not to mention all the cute outfits that you can come up with.

Author: Christina Stone

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