Sylvia P: Vibrant Dancewear for the Little Dancer Who Loves to Stand Out

What’s the first thing you do when your daughter expresses the desire to join a school of dance? Start searching for adequate clothing of quality, right after signing her up for the perfect class! Same as sports, having the proper equipment is crucial in pursuing the hobby and performing as expected.

The right set of clothes and accessories is designed to move with you, acting as a second skin, instead of obstructing you as you do the warmups and dance techniques, which is why saving up by using a regular comfortable set of any shirt and yoga pants won’t do. When it comes to investing in the best of the best, you won’t be wrong in choosing the comfortable and stylish Sylvia P dancewear as your main option, easily found at trusted retailers across the country.

From the specialised crops, tanks, pullovers, tights, shorts, leotards, pants, and even accessories useful for dance class, starting with the suitable socks, scrunchies and headscarves, going all the way to various bags, water bottles, phone accessories, and shoe accessories – in short, everything your little dancer needs to excel in this activity.

The History of Sylvia P


Knowing a little about the story behind the brand is helpful with deciding to make it your main option, as then you have an idea of the success behind it, the practices that helped it beat the competition, and all it took to grow into the name it is today in Australia. It all started out when Austrian Sylvia Pichler, the founder, moved to the Land Down Under back in 1992.

Not being able to find the appropriate gymnastics and athletic wear that guarantees utmost performance, reliability, and aesthetic for her eight-year-old daughter, Sandra, she took it upon herself as a novice seamstress to come up with comfortable and fancy leotards, using an overlocker and zigzag sewing machine from a friend. It didn’t take long for others (gymnasts and coaches included!) to notice the cool designs and ask for their own.

Hence the birth of Sylvia P in 1994 as a family-run business which it still is to this day, with responsibilities shared between the founder and her three kids. Although it all started out in the realm of gymnastics, the range of Sylvia P dancewear is not to be underestimated either and it matches the counterpart in quality as much as looks.

The company also mostly manufactures and operates in the country, with 95% of the products being designed and made in their Brisbane headquarters, with the rest of the 5% being moved to China (specifically the Sylvia P Practice Wear). This move helped extend the product range, getting more expertise and fabric availability without affecting the quality or adding to the cost of the items.

Maintaining the business as a family-owned business same as at the beginning, the company proudly works with a social responsibility for the employees, guaranteeing good working conditions and fair wages, same as they care for their clients since day one. If you want to ensure your girl wears something that’s equally ethical as it is stylish and good for her health, Sylvia P is the answer!

Why Choose Sylvia P Dancewear for Your Little Dancer?


Well, this brand is all about inspiring girls aged 4 to 16 to feel great in their skin and achieve anything they set their mind to, whether it’s sports or dance related. This is easily spotted by their range of classic designs of activewear with an iconic twist in terms of colour, pattern, and choice of fabric.

You get to choose from distinctive and quality-rich dance costumes that are great for lessons as much as performances thanks to the ingenuity behind the designs making them flexible, eye-catching, and above all else comfortable. A lot of thought goes into each of the items, whether it’s the iconic leotards, or the striking shorts, so much so they’ve created their own signature SP activate fabric.

This one has got everything a dancer would want: the quick drying ability, the 4-way stretch to accompany all the movements, and the durability to withstand all the wear and tear. Breathability and moisture-wicking are two crucial properties that guarantee comfort throughout the dance, as your little dancer won’t be distracted by the sweat or the extra heat since the fabric offers enough cooling and absorption to keep her going.

The details are equally impressive and further add to the comfort, so you get tops with a lightweight design featuring wider shoulder straps for an extra dose of support and coverage. Quality lining and elasticated legs of the bottoms also make for the perfect fit, and the addition of wider elasticated elements ensures everything stays in place even during all the tumbles and turns.

Top all this with the exceptional choice of pattern and colour, both on the vibrant side, and you can count on your girl making a lasting impression with her looks as much as her skills. This brand makes it easy for a dream to come true for the girl who loves to stand out!

Author: Christina Stone

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