Roller Blinds: Your All Year Round Energy Saving Ally

With energy bills being the second biggest expense after rent payments, homeowners are doing whatever they can in order to save money by making smart investments. Being energy-efficient is all about making small changes that will contribute towards reducing energy bills. You can start by lowering the amount of energy spent on heating or cooling your home.

Most people opt for purchasing online roller blinds Australia wide, in order to keep the heat in the home during the winter, and keep the heat out during summer. Blinds can accomplish this in two ways – during the winter when it’s cold outside, they form a protective barrier to reduce the heat transfer through the glass of your windows. During summer months on the other hand, lowered blinds will reflect and reject the heat from the sun. There are many reasons why you should look for online roller blinds Australia shops to find the best deal, here are a few of them.Online Roller Blinds Australia


One reason why you should consider roller blinds is their low cost. They are generally less expensive than other blinds and require less maintenance and replacing hardware that wears out frequently. They also cost way less to install and don’t have a complex mechanism. All of this, plus the lowered electricity bills are a great long term investment for your home.


Roller blinds can be custom made to fit any window size and shape. Unlike vertical blinds, whose slats move and flap, or curtains that sit away from the window frame, roller blinds thoroughly cover the entire window area efficiently. Furthermore, you can fit a magnetic strip on the bottom of your window frame to seal the blinds which is very helpful during the winter for keeping the heat in your home.


The energy-saving roller blinds are composed of a reflective coating on both the back and front, which curtains and vertical blinds don’t have. You’ll usually need to buy a silver curtain lining when using curtains if you want to reject the solar heat outside. Roller blinds have the same coating on both sides, which makes them effective in both summer and winter. During winter, the coating on the inside surface of the blinds will reflect indoor heat right back into the room. When lowered during summer, they reflect the heat from outside. Some blinds reflect as much as 80% of the heat away from the room, making even the coolest rooms in your home remain cozy while also saving you money.


Author: Michael Hobbs

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