Summer Staples – Key Clothing Pieces for a Peace of Mind

Now that the weather in Australia has finally turned into something that makes most of us want to quit our jobs and soak up the sun rays, the beaches are officially beckoning. But summer is certainly not all about surfing and laying on the golden sands – there has to be some sort of a stress-release therapy in the form of shopping and some nice party to attend to with your besties where you can show off your awesome sense of fashion. Ah, us women. And speaking about it, there are undoubtedly some pieces that are key to bring your summer style up a notch.


So, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be a smarter shopper, welcome your savvy, fashionable investments and kiss goodbye anything that’s destined to languish at the back of your wardrobe waiting for its moment under the spotlight (which frankly almost never occurs). Here are some ideas on what to buy or combine the pieces that you already have with your summer women accessories. Let the party begin.

  • Cropped white denim is certainly one of my absolute favourites when it comes to casual clothes which when combined wisely, can be also used in a more sophisticated manner. They need not be too polished or finished – pieces of clothing that are slightly rough around the edges have taken on a surprisingly modern feel.
  • The season’s staples – summer women accessories in the form of classic shades, a hat and a simple tote bag paired with a dress or a T-shirt in stripes, is the dreamy combination that never goes out of style. Dear summer, I love you.
  • On days when the thermometer heads upwards, non-constructing and easy to wear fabrics help create a breezy feminine and stylish look. Care less and just let it flow.

  • The “it” couple of summer – a classic denim jacket and a small cross-body bag that is light and easy to wear. If you feel too hot to wear your jacket, just wrap it up around your waist – you’ll feel more comfy and will create a more laid back look. Make sure to have it with you though, we all know that coffee-to-go chat with your bestie will turn into a party at your favourite beach bar a few hours later.
  • And last but not least, a swimsuit with a unique design that will turn all eyes on you is the absolute must have for tanning on the beach and showing off your fit body at a beach rave. Party mood on.

These are only some of the combos you can pull together to carelessly enjoy your summer days out while bringing the fabulousness with you. Have a sip of your Margarita by the bar and make plans for your next voyage. Positive vibes only.

Author: Christina Stone

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