Sports Bottles and The Importance of Staying Well Hydrated During Workouts

The number one mistake most people make when it comes to exercising, is not drinking enough fluids or entirely skiping on them. Maybe that’s because people while on their quest to stay fit and lose a few kilos think that anything that goes in their body, including liquids, will sabotage their efforts. Or maybe it’s the exercise induced euphoria that takes over them and makes them forget about everything else.

Whatever may be, there really is no excuse. A truly effective workout is the one where you sweat and sweat like a pig. But if you don’t stay well hydrated it can easily become a dangerous workout. Severe dehydration can lead to heart palpitations, fatigue, fever and even kidney failure. There’s a reason for the high demand of quality sports drink bottles.

I was well aware of how crucial hydrating is when working out, but like most people, I too would forget my water. That was until I started looking at the many different sports drink bottles. Picking one in my favourite colour and putting it somewhere I could see it whenever I exercised reminded me that I need to drink up. But most importantly, replacing your water container specifically with one of the sports drink bottles can protect you from potential health problems.

sports drink bottles

A typical plastic bottle contains BPA – a chemical directly associated with cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other health problems. So drinking from a such container could raise blood pressure within a few hours. Your heart is already pumping at high intensity while working out, the last thing you want is a high blood pressure.

Before an intense workout session you should previously consume carbohydrates for getting the much needed energy boost. If you still end up feeling as if without energy, think whether you’ve had a fair water intake. Water is the medium which is needed for any energy reaction to take place. Like I said, dehydration causes fatigue which negatively affects your energy level. Plus, when lifting heavy weights, you put great pressure on your joints which are protected by the synovial fluid around them. When you’re dehydrated the consistency of synovial fluid is reduced which leaves your joints more exposed to friction which later causes excruciating joint pains. So, drink up if you don’t want your joints cracking like a ninety-year-old’s.

Think of liquids and the electrolytes in them as the fuel that moves our body’s engine. Running out of fuel can easily shut your system down. And in the end, what’s the use of being in good shape when your skin is all dried out or you don’t have much energy to do other things? Bottoms up and cheers to a healthy workout!

Author: Christina Stone

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