Self-Contained Sauna: Create Your Own Relaxing Oasis at Home


At the end of a stressful day home is where I long to be. I cannot imagine going to bed without spending an hour or two unwinding in my living room with an interesting novel, taking a nice, calming bubble bath, or refreshing my body and mind in my own home spa. Please, don’t let the name fool you – it’s not a large luxurious room I spent a small fortune on, but a tasteful little oasis I managed to create with a small portion of my savings. After some consideration, I realized that all this room needs is a beautiful wooden dresser, a lot of candles and essential oils, and, of course, a self-contained sauna.

Yes, saunas at spa centers can be a really pleasant place for relaxing and riding our bodies of the toxic agents that we routinely accumulate, but do we really have the time and the money to visit them as often as we need to? I know I don’t, which is exactly why I decided to purchase an amazing self-contained sauna that uses far infrared technology. These portable saunas are dome-shaped, 180 cm long, and usually weigh 15 kg, which means that you can easily use one in your lounge room or bedroom, and then store it away.

But that’s not the only thing that makes them such a great replacement for traditional saunas. Far infrared saunas emit dry, radiant heat similar to that of the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. Scientists claim that the heat of infrared saunas travels much deeper into the body, reaching, relaxing and invigorating many muscles, ligaments, and organs. Furthermore, these saunas, when carefully used, can normalize our blood pressure and help us sleep better. Skin purification is another wonderful health benefit far infrared saunas offer. Warm far infrared rays expand the blood vessels and effectively clean the clogged pores, which is one of the main reasons these saunas have become so popular. Trust me, you won’t regret buying one for you.

You can make the whole home sauna experience much more enjoyable by lighting a couple of scented candles or diffusing your favourite essential oils. I prefer using essential oil blends to single oils, for picking only one oil is extremely hard for me. What can I say, I want my senses to be overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you can purchase many delightful essential oil blends online, which means that you don’t have to waste your time learning how to mix single ones.

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Author: Christina Stone

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