Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary: What Interior Décor in These Styles is All About

For many of us the distinction between modern and contemporary style isn’t a clear one: what’s modern is contemporary and vice versa. What’s important to know is though we most often associate these terms with sleek design, simple clean lines, and lack of ornamentation, modern and contemporary can still be elegant, and comfortable moreover.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost further in the distinction of styles when mixing the two with Scandinavian too – after all its focus is on simplicity and comfort just as much, so basically there are more similarities than differences.

Scandinavian style furniture3

The brightness, neutral colours, casual comfort, and and materials and elements in the natural charms as characteristics can all be found in the Scandinavian modern contemporary furniture pieces. Great news is no matter what the style of your interior may be, these types of furniture can easily fit in without causing a stir to the harmony – they can actually emphasise it!

While the soft neutrals are more than welcome for the walls, you can spice things up with the modern contemporary furniture to make the interior pop. Cream walls would go perfect with sofa in the shades of grey, paired with a coffee table of natural hardwood, with a flair of natural fabrics in vibrant colours to add some texture and contrast – remember, it’s all about making the interior warmer, and welcoming.

The reason Scandinavian, modern, and contemporary have caused such a stir over the years is they don’t just have to do with the improvement of the interior décor, but the lifestyle of those living in that interior as well. The more nature around the comfortable the home becomes, and it’s not only through sustainable furniture pieces or fabrics that it can be amplified: there’s also natural light, and plants to count on.

The perfect way to invite more brightness is through the windows, and you can increase the effect by opting for bare flooring and mirrors to reflect it, plus have a chance to show how beautiful the flooring is. As for the plants, it’s a fact they can make us happier, they add years to our life thanks to purifying air, and their texture can be just as decorative as artworks.

On the plus side too, the planter boxes can also have a role in the interior décor, like the variety of geometrical shapes they can be found in, so you’re bound to get a fun interior you’d love to immerse in.

Author: Christina Stone

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