Running a Successful Gelato Shop: Go Green!

If I would have to associate summer with something, then without even having second thoughts, it would have to be the honeycomb, chocolate, vanilla and toffee delight known as Golden Gaytime, the classic of Australian ice cream. Is there a better way to refresh?

Despite the numerous health trends that appear annually, ice cream is still the comfort food of many, myth or not, and now that there’s been a shift in flavours, you’re sure to find some healthy variant of ice cream too to avoid feeling guilty about enjoying this food.

The fact we consume up to 18 litres of gelato per person in a year, which makes us quite the gelato-loving nation, means you have a great deal of chance succeeding in opening up and running your own gelato shop.

disposable ice cream cup

Knowing competition is high might scare off even the bravest, but all it takes is choosing to be different to stand out. A way to do this is to turn to the latest in living trends, sustainability, and opt for investing in disposable ice cream cups like those made of bamboo.

Why bamboo? Well, bamboo is sustainable to begin with, considering the growth, harvesting and processing, it’s easy to grow and once turned into packaging, it’s strong, even stronger than wood and concrete, and unlike plastic, it’s biodegradable and easy to be composted.

Now that more people are becoming eco-aware, having bamboo disposable ice cream cups can attract a wider customer base, which can immediately help your business. Moreover, choosing bamboo as a packaging material helps save trees, cuts down soil erosion, the carbon footprint and bleaching and inking.

Taking it a step further, you can choose eco-friendly utensils, bags, napkins and towels, showing how serious you take sustainability. The same goes for the straws, instead of plastic go for disposable bamboo, or one of the stylish metal, silicone or glass straws that are effortless to clean.

disposable ice cream cups

Additionally, you can invest in lighting and equipment that’s designed to be energy-efficient, and make some room for more vegan gelato on your menu, since dairy-free is more sustainable in terms of the amount of water used in making it.

Furthermore, you can inspire the community by initiating recycling and reusing, so as to reduce the waste. It might seem like plenty of aspects to think of, but when it’s for the benefit of both your business and the environment, making prudent choices is more than important.

Author: Christina Stone

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