LED Lenser M5 – Backed by History & Perfected by Technology

Something About Lenser

It was 1993 where a couple of fresh inventors, with a prototype in their hands, opted in for a loan. Their were declined, however, that didn’t stop them in their pursuit for innovation. 24 years later, they became one of the leading designers for torchlights today and their company LED Lenser has sold more than 200 million Euros worth of LED equipment. Every year they come up with LED torch that is better, more powerful and more affordable. Ladies and Gentleman, introducing the LED Lenser M5.


Led Lenser M5

If you are looking for LED light that is economical, functional and flexible then the LED Lenser M5 is the perfect pick for you. It comes with a optimal heat sync tech which offers additional three hours of run time with just one AA battery. Simply amazing! Also, the M5 comes with Lenser’s famous Smart Light Technology™ allowing users multiple options such as basic illumination, defence and low mode if you wish to safe some battery. Now, lets get more in-depth regarding these features!

Smart Light Technology™

The Smart Light Technology™ is based on computer-optimized micro-controllers that are an essential part of the M series. Thanks to this great hardware, there are many different light programs and easy control with just the push of a single button. Additionally, the smart micro-controller, the essential part of the Smart Light Technology™, optimizes the energy consumption, making it one of the most reliable LED torches on the market. It can be said that Lenser have set a new standard in fields such as modern control and compact designed. They’ve created a harmony of designed and technology, something that others have been struggling to achieve for years.

The LED Lenser M5 comes in three basic modes. The first mode is defence strobe, offering personal safety to the user. Having high-frequency light flashes allows users to have a fast and effective method of a self-defence. If you need any proof that this technology is defence oriented, one of the greatest armies in the world (the US army) uses these torches as part of their equipment.

The second ones is high light output. This mode is ideal for any situation, especially for running, camping and many more situations. Having enough illumination in dark and unknown areas is crucial for your own safety and the safety of other people that accompany you.

Lastly is the low power mode. Thanks to the great technology incorporated in this torchlight, the lighting output is dimmed down 15%, which extends the burning life by a lot. Having an reliable torchlight, that has a long-lasting battery is beneficial for those long camping trips, especially when you want to rest a bit.

Advanced Focus System

A normal torch focusing system is either made from a wither lens or a reflector system. The lens-equipped systems are better emitters of homogeneous light patterns for focused use, but they are weak when it comes to long distances. On the other hand, the reflector systems are very good at long distances, but create rings and holes for close ups.

This is the reason why Lenser created their own Advanced Focus System. This system simply combines the strengths of both wither lens and reflect systems and removes their cons completely. The result is a clear and bright light for close-ups and penetrating beam for focused long-distance use.

All in all, the LED Lenser M5 is a great investment. Not only the functionality, flexibility and features, but the warranty that comes with these devices is simply amazing. All LED Lenser torch-lights come with 5-year warranty, which is better than any other torch manufacturer (they only offer up to 3 years). Investing in a great torchlight such as the LED Lenser M5 simply put, means security and visibility everywhere!

Author: Michael Hobbs

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