The Essence of Contemporary Interior Decor: What the Style is All About

Though we’ve come to be acquainted greatly with the term of minimalism in the recent years, there are many of us that find it difficult to distinguish minimalism from something stark and cold, yet it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way! Take contemporary style for instance: though it shares the minimal characteristics – sleek, clean lines, it’s comfortable at the same time, synonymous for a casual atmosphere with the use of natural elements, neutral colours, and spaciousness.

Solid Timber Table

While the focus is on less furniture, it’s equally about quality, so items like organic, and sustainable solid timber table, TV unit, and sofa, simple yet versatile, showcasing luxury with their natural patina colour, are the typical pieces in a home where the contemporary style reigns. Their natural materials, and the natural tones, can be paired with rich textures, as well as plenty of light to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

As you might have guessed, contemporary style is all about materials, so the focus isn’t only one pieces like the solid timber table, TV unit, or sofa that I mentioned, but also on the fabrics you choose to decorate them with. Sustainable, eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, and bamboo are durable, comfortable, and provide luxurious softness to touch, so it’s far more than just about the aesthetics.

Speaking of light, in case you can’t let plenty of sunshine in through windows, you can do so with the help of mirrors to reflect light, as well as choosing soft neutrals (they always add a sense of serenity) as the colours for the walls, and even using paintings with nature to freshen up the interior. You can count on lights to do the job too, more so when the lighting fixtures add to the charm of the interior decor too, and if you want to spice things up with some romance, don’t forget the candles.

Sophistication and geometry go well together, so if you do enjoy artworks, you could incorporate ones in different shapes (even oversized!), and colours, that go well with the contemporary minimalist furniture pieces. Another aspect to remember, as mentioned previously, is the role of spaciousness in the contemporary indoor decor.

You don’t have to have a mansion to create a sense of spaciousness, that’s what decluttering serves for. Clear out anything that doesn’t exactly fit in with the contemporary environment and pay attention to the way you position furniture – it can help immensely. Make sure furniture pieces don’t touch walls, and obstruct pathways, then see how more open your interior appears. It’s all about tricking the vision.

Author: Christina Stone

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