Jazzy Feet: Learn All About the Best Shoes for the Dance Floor

With all that has been going on in the world, anything that could give us some joy is more than welcomed. Dance is somewhere on the top of that list. Another thing that’s welcomed at these times is online shopping. Right now, it’s not just about convenience, but also about safety. When it comes to shoes, jazz ones, in particular, is this an option? Can we check all the things we need to consider when we are choosing a pair if we decide to buy jazz shoes online? The answer, of course, is yes, as long as we learn everything we need to know in advance.

Choosing the Right Jazz Shoes

Comfort jazz shoes

Since our feet are the part of our body that support our entire weight, and moreover, absorb the pressure of the forces and shocks of our movements, jumps, standing and running, it’s obvious why having the perfect jazz shoe on each foot is crucial for dancers. They are the most important part of the dancer’s attire. Apart from jazz dance, these shoes can be used for other styles as well, including acro dance, hip hop, acrobatic rock and roll, lyrical, pole or line dancing. They can also be used as practice shoes for ballroom and Latin dance.

The Sole

When it comes to comfort, reliability and safety, the most important thing to look for in a jazz shoe, is the sole. Soles can be either rubber or suede, with rubber being the more popular choice. This is because rubber soles provide great traction for most floors, enabling smoother spins and less sticking and friction. They are also sturdy, durable, and comfortable for pirouettes, jumps, spins etc.

the best jazz shoes for you

Soles can be split or full. Being more flexible, a split-sole shoe for jazz allows easier flexing of the dancer’s foot. It has rubber under the ball of the foot and the heel, without sole in the middle part of the food. This gap between the two rubber panels is what makes it much more flexible than a full-sole shoe, providing much more freedom of movement, while also emphasising your dancer’s arch, as well as the point.

Full soles help strengthen the muscles in your foot, and they help with balance and stability, which is why they’re good for beginners, especially kids. However, having a rubber sole along with the entire shoe, and they look heavier, and they don’t allow for much flexibility. When it comes to the heel, for beginners, it’s best to use flat soles, or a small heel, because the traction will be more evenly distributed throughout the sole.

Today’s shoes for jazz can have more features for even more comfort, better fit and a more stylish dancer’s look, such as suede sole patches, adjustable elastic heal straps, stretch-mesh arches…

The Style


Jazz shoes come in different designs and styles. They can be slip-on, the classic black lace-up, high-rise, low-rise, classic cut out, sport-inspired designs, etc. Most commonly, they come in black, tan or white. Some dancers find that laces can be uncomfortable, digging into their arch as they point their foot, which is one of the reasons why slip-on jazz slippers are the most popular style of jazz dance shoes nowadays. They are also very lightweight and comfortable, and with the way they fit with the elastic inserts on the sides – they highlight your arch, making them very attractive dancing shoes, and not only for jazz dancers.

The Materials

As we already mentioned, most commonly the sole of the shoe is made of rubber. As for the materials of the upper, leather is the most popular choice. Jazz shoes can also be made from synthetic material, though leather is the ideal material. This is because they should be very comfortable – because they have a very snug fit, so it’s crucial that the material of the shoes is breathable and soft, and it should also have a little stretch. Choosing a shoe made from a breathable material is furthermore very important because when you are dancing, your feet will get hot and they’re going to sweat a lot. Not only is leather breathable, but it’s also more durable and long-lasting, and it provides the perfect form.

The Size

Jazz dance shoes should fit like a soft glove on your feet. Perfect fit doesn’t only mean a more beautiful look, but it also means less risk of injury. As with everything, you need to make sure that your shoes are neither too tight, nor too loose on your feet. And though it’s important that they fit snugly on your feet, if they are too tight, they could hurt you. Over time, quality leather shoes will stretch and form. Meaning that the material is important not only for comfort but also when it comes to proper fitting.


However, you should be careful to not confuse snug with tight. If you are buying the shoes online, before ordering you should measure how long and how wide both your feet are, because they should feet perfectly at the toes and heels, but also at the sides. If your shoes aren’t snug, if there is excess fabric around your toes or if there is a gap at the sides, then – most probably need a smaller size.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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