How to Give Your Cafe Some Curb Appeal

No matter what you serve in your cafe, how good the food is, how polite the staff are, it means nothing if you can’t attract customers. If people don’t know about your establishment and if you are only one of the many struggling for visitors in your particular area, then one sure way to interest people is to enhance your outside look. This is a good way to stand out among your competitors and make a good first impression on people that haven’t even gone in yet.


A bit of visual flare can do wonders to interest passers by in checking out what you have to offer, as well as giving your cafe a unique look and feel that will stick in your customers’ memories. This way, if they are ever on the fence about not knowing where to go, your place will stand out to them when they remember it and you might get a few more return customers.

The best way to give your cafe a look that is both fresh and stylish is to get a few cafe planter boxes. The advantages that certain cafe planter boxes provide go beyond the visual appeal as they can also contain an integrated self-watering system where all you need to do is fill up the reservoir and the plants will take all the water that they need. Additionally, they also posses a water level indicator so that you can easily see if they ever need to be refiled, which means that they are ridiculously easy to take care of.


Another great but simple way to attract attention is to make the colours the first thing anyone notices. This doesn’t necessarily mean only using bright colours on every inch of the outside, but rather having a wide assortment of different colours that make it appealing, and maybe accenting them with darker, moodier tones to make them a bit more intense. It’s also a good idea to draw more attention to the sign as well, since it will need to pop out at people and make them remember the name easier.

Finally, you will also need to pick out some good chairs and tables for your visitors. It would probably be best not to go purely for aesthetics here since just because you can get a seat made entirely out of tree branches, doesn’t mean people will like sitting in it. The ideal option is to get something that will be comfortable for the customers but will be unique or pretty enough to catch the eye as well. But if that is not an option, always prioritize the customers over the look.

Finally, you should never forget that getting customers through the door is only the first step, next you will have to give them a reason to remember you and to want to come back.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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