Caravan Camping: Luxury Away From Home

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The idea of spending nights in your home on wheels away from home may be appealing but not many of us can say we’re up for leaving comfort behind when we decide to go on a camping adventure.

Sure, spending time in the great outdoors is refreshing, especially when you’re in need to get some much-needed rest away from the hustle and bustle however there are some luxuries that can make any day and any camping trip infinitely better.

caravan microwaves for sale

Some Like it Hot

I know I’m not the only one when I say hot meals and drinks like healthy hot chocolate can put a smile on your face, particularly on rainy days.

If this goes for you too and you aren’t keen on the idea of starting a fire even when the weather is nice, preferring quick and easy cooking on the move, then you’re in luck because the wide range of caravan microwaves for sale offers plenty in terms of brands, models and prices.

Also, don’t forget to choose based on the size as well as the power consumption knowing there are microwaves designed to be compact yet still energy-efficient, just what you need when thinking of preserving the car battery; Pay attention on accessories like inverters and cables as well!

Peace and Quiet

Okay, now that we’ve covered the luxury of hot meals and caravan microwaves for sale, it’s time to talk about sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re a light sleeper or not, fact is nature can be noisy too with all the crickets and animals getting active after dark so unless you want to ruin your whole adventure with nights spent tossing and turning it’s advisable to pack up on earplugs to block all the annoying background sounds.

Likewise, the mask is another item that would be of help in case the rising sun prevents you from sleeping in but don’t underestimate the power of comfortable pillows either. If you’re lucky to have the storage you could simply take your favourite pillow along or get one of the compact camping pillows instead.

The bedding is another aspect we tend to overlook, more so if it stops you from having nights of quality sleep which is why it’s nice to invest in something natural with outstanding properties like moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating bamboo .

Don’t Let the (Bed) Bugs Bite!

If you’re a magnet for creepy crawlies you simply can’t embark on this adventure without getting all the adequate repellents, especially knowing the danger some of them present, carrying pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Find out about the place beforehand to be in the know of the possible bugs around and equip your caravan windows with nets to keep them out of your home on wheels.

Author: Christina Stone

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