Ginger Jars: Add a Crisp, Clean Touch to Any Room

Your home is an extension of your lifestyle and your home interior is a way to express personality and style. Whether you’re purchasing a new house or renovating an existing one, there are many decisions you have to make. However, it’s the small things that can create a great impact, especially when it comes to your choice of decorative accessories.

Ginger Jars as Home Decor


It doesn’t take much to give your space a new vibe, all you may need are just a few homewares. Upgrading your interior with homeware can bring in new texture, patterns and diversity to your everyday life. You can opt for versatility and choose decorative items that look exquisite in a variety of settings, such as ginger jars. Have you ever heard of them?

They’re also called temple jars, and while you might not know them by name, you’ll certainly recognise their blue and white motifs. Their classical charm can complement traditional interiors but can also fit perfectly in a modern home setting. You can find temple jars online, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Read on to find out more about the story behind their beautiful and intricate designs and different ways to decorate with these unique items.

Things to Know About These Stunning Style Accents

The classic beauty of these Chinese jars is popular among collectors or anyone who appreciates their look. You can find a variety of beautiful ginger jars models, all made of porcelain, featuring a combination of white, or milky white, and blue. They originated in China, in the Qin Dynasty, and were initially used for storing and transporting spices in Ancient China, such as salt and ginger. When ginger became a chief export to Europe, the vessels in which it was stored and transported got the name ginger jars.

Ginger Jars as Home Decor


Their utilitarian purpose was replaced by a decorative one once they began to be imported to Europe somewhere in the 17th century. They became a must-have home décor, displayed on shelves or fireplace mantels and maintain their popular appeal over the years. Floral designs and landscapes are some of the most commonly used decorative motifs on temple jars. Some jars can have whole scenes painted on them, while others feature simpler designs and repetitive patterns.

But it’s not only the blue and white decorative motifs that can help you identify a temple jar. They have a unique form as well – rounded shapes with high shoulders and a small mouth, domed lids and no handles. Temple jars can be found in other hues as well, but the blue-and-white motif remains the most inspiring.

It’s not so easy to stop at only one ginger jar. Most often, you can see them displayed on tables or shelves in groups of two or three, or more. Usually, the serve as a focal point for the room’s décor and it’s up to you to find the ideal way to display your ginger jar(s). Here are some ideas that might help and give a fresh vibe to a room of your choice.

Ginger Jars as Home Decor


How Do You Display a Ginger Jar?

There are many different ways to decorate your home with these gorgeous pieces. They are a staple of elegant decorating, and the trend only seems to grow in popularity. Doubling up any object draws the eye naturally and creates an effortlessly balanced look. A pair of temple jars can make for an orderly vignette, while separated they can flank a beautiful piece of art or a mirror. If you want to achieve a more varied look, you can decorate with a pair of mismatched temple jars. Thanks to their shapes and patterns, it’s easy to mix and match two or more of them across motifs, sizes and styles. It will allow you to create a layered look that feels nicely put together.

The Entryway

The first impression matters the most, and having temple jars in the entryway will certainly make a good one. A console table makes the perfect display piece for these decorative objects and depending on their size, they can be placed below or on the top and will look amazing anyways.

The Hallway

Hallways often lack character and style, so if you want to add some colour and pattern to it, you can use temple jars. Display the on a console and try to contrast them with the rest of the décor, such as the rug or the wall behind the table.

The Kitchen

To add a classic touch to your kitchen, you can display a ginger jar or more, on an open shelf and use them to store spices. A ginger gar can be used as a vase as well, so you can turn it into a beautiful addition to the kitchen island.

Ginger Jars as Home Decor


The Dining Room

You can instantly transform the dining room atmosphere with temple jars. They can be the centrepiece of your dining table and add some elegance and style to the entire space.

The Living Room

If you have a fireplace mantle in your living room, no doubt that’s the ideal place to display your temple jars collection. If not, they can easily become the focal point of the space placed on a coffee table next to your sofa.

The Bedroom

Temple jars work well in the bedroom as well because the blue-and-white motifs can create a restful colour scheme, which is much appreciated in this part of the home. Depending on your preferences, you can place them on a nightstand or your dresser.

The Bathroom

Maybe it sounds unusual a bit, but temple jars can be placed in the bathroom as well. Placed around the tub, they can immediately give off a vibe of refreshment and relaxation, which every bathroom needs.

Author: Christina Stone

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