Funny Fishing Videos: Learn from Other People’s Mistakes

Funny Fishing Videos Clips

TV shows like River Monsters, Wicked Tuna, and Fish Warrior have one purpose – to teach us that fishing is no joke. Both freshwater and saltwater fish need to be respected, as they’re no fools. Many of them are true fighters and won’t go down easily, so you better be well prepared before you face these fierce opponents.

Aside from these serious and insightful TV series, an inexperienced fisherman can gather some fishing savvy from funny fishing videos clips as well. The Internet is flooded with embarrassing and oh so silly fishing mistakes, so watching some of them is definitely a great way to learn what you should and shouldn’t do when fishing. Hundreds of funny fishing videos clips show that the most common (and embarrassing) fishing mistakes are the following five ones.

1. Many overly optimistic fishers go on fishing tips with worn fishing line. Yes, some of them manage to catch some small fish with old, worn-out line, but more often than not they lose both game fish and their baits. So, learn from other fishers’ mistakes and don’t forget to pack and use high-quality fishing line.

2. In addition to using weak fishing line, many amateur anglers have sabotaged themselves by not using enough fishing line. Inexperienced fishermen often ignore the fishing line recommendations that come with their fishing reels in order to preserve line and save money. They don’t realize that by under-spooling their reel they doom themselves to failure.

3. Handling the fish barehanded is another common and unfortunately painful fishing error. Beginners tend to forget that fish can put up a fight even after they’re pulled out of the water, lashing out in one last attempt for self-defense. So, if you don’t want to get injured, I advise you to protect your hands with properly padded fishing gloves before you pull a fish from your hook.

4. Optimism and strong will – many fishermen possess these admirable qualities. However, these traits, if not accompanied with reason, can get an angler into a lot of trouble. For example, many newbies have fallen into the water and even wound up in a hospital simply because they didn’t want to let go and go home empty-handed. So, learn from their mistakes and always be realistic.

5. A true fisherman is always ready to fight the fight. Many inexperienced anglers get too comfortable when waiting for the big fish to come, which is why they usually lose them. Remember: sipping your Coke for half an hour and taking a photo for your Instagram profile can wait. First catch some fish, then treat yourself.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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