Floppy Hats Walk Around Like You’re Wearing a Crown

I am a trendy gal: I follow trends, I adore them and I’m constantly looking for a way to incorporate them in my style. And this summer I am obsessed with hats! I have them in all kinds, and combine them with literally every outfit for every part of the day. However, not all hat shapes, sizes and forms are designed for every head; some styles simply don’t look good on certain types of head. I was troubling with one type in particular as my head is kind of small in size (as awkward as it may sound). So in the name of my huge love for hats, I had to find a kind that will look good on me. Introducing the trendy summer hats for women this season. My personal favourite – the floppy hat.

The floppy hat is like this small dome that covers most of the head and has a large brim which is designed in a wavy shape. The brim provides sun protection, and in addition, it gives the hat itself a very elegant design. Wearing one makes you look like you’re royalty, or someone who has hired a fashion designer to take care of their appearance. It’s the type of hat that is versatile in the ways you could wear it and the combos you could pull out with it, but it’s still made for a special category of women. In general, when it comes to creating a guide on buying trendy summer hats for women that are just right for your head size and shape as well as for your hair colour and hairstyle, there are a few very important things to bear in mind. Take a look.


Consider your hair type and style
If you have a really big and very curly hair, this is just the right type of hat for you. Putting it on, will shape your hair, and additionally, will frame the overall look of your head, hair and face. You can choose a floppy hat with a larger brim in this case, since your curls will easily fill in the space under the brim so you don’t look like you’re carrying an umbrella on your head.

The material
As I said, the floppy hat cannot work with just any style. For instance, women who are more into the rock style and generally wear more baggy and darker clothes, won’t really benefit from this type of hat. The Panama hat style, which has a firm, straight brim would certainly be better suited for these people. And since it’s summer, it’s wise to avoid hats made of warm materials and dark colours like navy green and blue, all tones of violet and similar. Instead, go with straw-like materials, patterns and anything that emits freshness and reminds of summer breeze.

Don’t play around with colours in this case! The hat is an accessory, and as such, it should be matching only the handbag and/or the shoes you’d be wearing. And since it’s summer, go with white, beige nuances, pastels, red tones (red is always a good choice) and similar colour options. However, I’d avoid black, brown and other heavy tones that remind of winter, since you won’t be that able to combine them effectively with your clothes.

Author: Christina Stone

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