On the Fence about Getting a Dog? Here are Some Answers for You

Believe it or not, scientists have proven that dogs can keep us more active than a human companion, make us laugh more and their presence can even reduce the chances of depression. These are just some of the many reasons why owning a dog is a good idea. While being an owner of a dog is a wonderful experience, you should ensure you have enough time to fulfil all of its needs and you must be ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. Another thing you’ll need to do is to prepare your living environment with all the needed pet dog products before the new family member steps into your home. That being said, here are the basic pet dog products you’ll need to have prepared for when your dog arrives.

Crate. When the time comes for you to go and take your dog home, you’ll need to ensure a safe and comfortable transportation for your new friend. This means you need to buy a crate. Crates are available in a few different types like plastic, wire and wood. Plastic ones are easy to clean, lightweight and work great in most temperatures. Wire creates are also easy to take care off and provide good ventilation while wooden crates are heavy, expensive and difficult to clean. Make sure the crate is big enough so your dog can have enough room to move around. This will make it feel comfortable so it can enjoy the ride.

Collar. Another supply to invest in is a collar. For start, buy at least one collar. The most common one is known as a flat collar which can be made of leather, fabric or nylon. Make sure you buy the right fit. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to insert two fingers between the neck of your dog and the collar. Harnesses are a popular alternative to the traditional collar. Unlike collars, they do not come with the risk of cutting into your dog’s neck. They also come in many fashionable models to choose from.

Bedding. Your new furry friend needs to have its own place for rest and sleep, so buying a dog bed is vital. Dog beds are available in a lot of different styles and prices. Make sure you pick the right size so your pet can have enough room to stretch out and relax. The cover should be removable and washable so you can keep the bed clean.

Grooming supplies. What kind of grooming supplies you will need depends on what kind of dog you’re getting. For example, the requirements for grooming a poodle are more complicated than those for labrador retriever. So, if you are not sure about which supplies are right for your dog, consult with your breeder and professional groomer. They will provide you with all the information and advice you need so you can make the right purchase decision. Some of the basic tools you will need are coat clippers, scissors, brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, nail trimmer, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Toys. When it comes to toys, make sure you avoid ones that can be easily ripped off, chewed up and swallowed. The most popular toys are those with treats filled insides as dogs find them interesting while trying to get those snacks out. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog while it’s playing. Do regular checks of the toys for any signs of wear. If they are quite damaged, replace them with new ones.

Author: Christina Stone

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