Experience the Dazzling Beauty of Alaska Through an Adventurous Cruise Tour

As a travel adventure that consists of a fun cruise and an exciting land excursion, a cruise tour is a great way to experience a travel destination beyond its coast. While coastal areas provide a glimpse into breathtaking landscapes and vivid wildlife, inland areas are made up of fascinating cities and sights that passionate travellers will surely enjoy exploring.

Cruise tours indeed offer avid travellers the best of both worlds – a fun adventure and unique insight into the natural beauty and culture of thrilling travel destinations. To make the most of everything that cruise tours have to offer, you should first decide where to take your adventure. With its wonderful coastal mountains, vibrant towns and diverse marine wildlife, Alaska can be the ideal destination for a fun and adventurous cruise tour.

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Alaska takes the lead when it comes to national parkland and untamed wilderness that reflect the raw beauty of nature. Its small mining cities are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that form the unique and beautiful topographic map of this amazing travel destination. Combining a usual cruise with and overland trip, cruise tours to Alaska allow you to travel further from the coastline and immerse yourself into Alaska’s vast interior, where you can peak into the cultural diversity and rich history of the state.

Although American Indians and Alaska native tribes make up a small portion of the entire population, they have a unique tradition and customs that represent an important part of the history of the state. There are many museums and cultural heritage centres all over Alaska, where you can learn more about the state’s past and tradition through a beautiful and interesting collection of paintings and artefacts.

However, its interesting native culture is not the main reason why people decide to go on cruise tours to Alaska. Most tourists are excited about an unforgettable voyage along the Inside Passage. This coastal route situated in south-east Alaska provides a beautiful view to white mountains, massive glaciers and the deep blue ocean that create one of a kind scenery inhabited by wild animals like bears, whales and birds.

The Tongass National Forest, with its 17 million acres of natural beauty in the from of islands, fjords, ice fields and waterfalls, represents the most beautiful area along the entire Inside Passage. One of the most dazzling islands in the forest is the Prince of Wales Island, which is the fourth largest island in the entire U.S.

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Alaska is known for its changeable weather conditions. It can get rainy and chilly even during the summer mouths. Therefore, although there is no perfect time to visit the state, the period from June to September is considered the peak tourist season with heavy crowds that can make it hard to peacefully experience the Alaska’s natural beauty. That’s why it’s best to go on a cruise tour in the shoulder season, during the period between the months of September and November.

Although during this time the nights can get quite chilly, the reduction in the number of tourists means that you get to enjoy the epic landscapes of golden foliage in peace and tranquillity. Also, one of the best things about Alaska’s long chilly nights are the magical Northern Lights, which illuminate the sky from September to mid April.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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