Cricket Bags Buying Guide

Cricket, like any sport, requires the right set of equipment to assist with mastering the skills and counting on optimal game performance. Bats, balls, stumps, shoes, and safety pieces like pads, gloves, helmets, and guards (e.g. abdo and thigh) are just some of the essential requirements you need for each game. 

To be able to carry everything to and from practice and game days properly and neatly, you need the appropriate bag to fit it all. So, just as when shopping for the aforementioned bits of equipment, it’s necessary to take the time to find an adequate bag that suits your needs. As every player’s needs vary, there are different designs to choose from. 

How Do I Choose a Cricket Bag?


By focusing on what’s important, which is practicality, durability, and storage, you’ll be able to narrow down the options. 


For a bag to be of use to you, it should be practical first and foremost. Not surprisingly, a practical cricket kit bag with wheels has been a popular choice among players and trainees due to the special features it has that other types of bags don’t. This includes the wheels, which are the obvious advantage, as well as the addition of straps, making them quite versatile items. 

Although not all of these bags have padded shoulder straps, those that do give you the flexibility to transport them easily on a flat terrain by letting the wheels do their job, as well as the chance to carry them on your shoulders when going up or down the stairs, for example, for more convenience. This design combines the best of both wheelies and duffles, or wheelies and kit bags, unlike the traditional wheelie models without the straps. 

The wheels also come in different sizes, so you can pick the ideal option for you depending on your needs. Whether big or small, what you can count on is the perfect stability, so you won’t struggle when walking around with your choice of cricket kit bag with wheels, more so as it comes with a moulded rubber grip handle for an ergonomic handling experience. 

There are some advantages to both options of wheels, the smaller being fit for even surfaces and tight spaces, whereas the bigger is more durable and perfect for rough terrains and large spaces. Keep all this in mind when selecting your favourite. 



Of course, you want this accessory to last long and accompany you on your training and important events. To ensure it’s as durable as you expect it to be, it’s necessary to pay attention to the materials it’s made from. A cricket bag with wheels that’s waterproof and has an abrasion-resistant bottom panel can withstand more impact than one that isn’t, for example, as you won’t have to worry about it getting a little rain or occasional wear and tear. 

Common choices are synthetic textiles such as nylon and polyester, each of which is tough and lightweight. There’s also canvas as a popular choice, though it tends to be a bit heavier than these two alternatives. And lastly, there’s the high-end leather, which is more expensive as expected, but can serve you much longer than the rest. Based on these aspects, it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to invest in this sports bag. 

Don’t forget to check the rest of the materials too, as elements such as wheels, zippers, and compartments have a say in the overall durability and usability too. Robust polyurethane wheels with steel axles and tough casing is a good sign, as is a high-quality metal zipper, and compartments with resilient stitching. So is the name of the brand, as some (think: New Balance, Gray Nicolls, Aero) already stand out with their quality on the market. 


Regardless of whether you’re a novice or already a pro, you have your own needs regarding storage and space. For that, you have a wide array of models to pick from that differ in sizes and storage options. 

The cricket wheelie bag may be practical, but it may not be the ideal fit for someone who tends to carry less equipment, in which case the smaller duffle, backpack, or rucksack could be the better designs. For those who are looking for something more sizeable, there’s the cricket tour bag. 

Now, in terms of better organisation, the more pockets and compartments the bag comes with, the better. If a bag has a special helmet pocket, waterproof shoe tunnel, pockets with lock for valuable items, cool zones for drinks, and a generous compartment for clothes and shoes, that can certainly make your sports life easier and hassle-free. 

Having every item in its designated space can help you keep everything within easy reach, as well as provide protection from messy spills, stains, and dirt. Mess-free, squeaky clean. No more dreading opening the bag to fetch something!

Author: Michael Hobbs

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